10 Best Hybrid Bikes Review For The Money in 2022

If you are wondering exactly what a hybrid bike is; then you should know that it’s a combination of a mountain and a road bike. It can be used for general purpose biking on a wide range of terrains.

Best Hybrid Bikes

Whether you want to ride in a very fast pace or a comfortable speed, unlike some bikes that are built to cater for specific purposes more than others, the hybrid bike is a bike that enables you to have the best of both worlds.

If you want to know more about hybrid bikes, read this best hybrid bikes For the Money review. It will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the hybrid bikes.

Having a hybrid bike is an essential amenity. If you are living in urban cities, you may need these bikes to cut off the monotony of riding your cars or public vehicles. They are also better than standard bicycles because of their ergonomic design and innovative features!

If you want to spice up your rides, then you have to invest in a hybrid bike! We have listed ten of the top-rated hybrid bikes on the market today! Get to know them right now!

Comparison Table Of Hybrid Bikes

Best Product Name Image Shipping Weight Dimensions Price
Northwoods Springdale Men

44.8 Pounds 72 x 25 x 44 inches Check Price
 Northwoods Springdale Women 42.5 Pound 72 x 36 x 25 inches Check Price
Schwinn Discover

49.7 Pounds 53.9 x 7.5 x 31.9 inches Check Price
Takara Sugiyama 36 Pounds 69 x 24 x 38 inches Check Price
Vilano Shadow 32 Pounds Check Price
Schwinn Men’s Network 40 Pounds 70 x 25.5 x 43 inches Check Price
 Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 44.9 Pounds 56 x 29 x 8 inches Check Price
EVRYjourney Women’s 46.1 Pounds 55 x 29 x 8 inches Check Price
Schwinn GTX  2.0 32 Pounds Check Price
Giordano RS700 38.8 Pounds 31.5 x 8.2 x 53 inches Check Price

The Best And The Worst Hybrid Bike

The best hybrid bike is definitely the Northwoods Springdale. Springdale is highly versatile and tough on any conditions.

Its construction is made from a lightweight, extremely durable alloy, which enables it to perform in harsh environments.

However, it has also got an ergonomic construction, which provides the utmost comfort to its users. The frame and pedals are positioned in a manner that they can promote body posture while riding! The braking and suspension of this bike are highly reliable, too!

On the other hand, we deem the XDS Cross 300 to be the worst hybrid bike today.

First, it is too expensive for its kind. Second, its suspension system is not as rugged as what we are expecting. Lastly, we found out that its tires are somehow on the east side of the spectrumě

Here a good video for you.

Best Hybrid Bikes Review of 2022

1. Northwoods Springdale – The Best Hybrid Bicycle On The Market Today

The Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid bike is yet another amazing hybrid bike that offers a wonderful biking experience. Whether you are biking for sport or as a part of your fitness routine, this bike would make a really great choice.

Only a few bikes are excellent for more than one usage (for example, mountain trails and urban roads).

The Northwoods Springdale men’s 21-speed hybrid bike is one of the few efficient bikes in this regard. This bike is uniquely equipped to properly function for your daily urban rides and your mountain bike trails as well.

It is designed with lots of amazing features that all contribute to giving a wonderful biking experience. This Northwoods Springdale men’s 21-speed hybrid bicycle review will explain in details everything you need to know about this bike, including the pros and cons to properly guide your purchase.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame. Aluminum is the most commonly used frame in mid-range bikes because of its high tensile strength. This frame material is not just lightweight but also very durable and will allow you to ride your bike on almost all terrains. Because of its lightweight properties, new cyclists can comfortably ride this bike without any hassle.
  • This bike also features Shimano components. It is equipped with the Shimano tourney rear derailleur and 21 speeds which not only gives a wide speed range but also allows for easy adjustments throughout the ride.
  • The linear pull brakes design of this bike allows for confident stopping power irrespective of the terrain. This feature is great especially for amateur or beginner riders because efficient brakes will ensure that the rider feels safe during the ride. The brakes are designed to stop aptly when they are applied and this is a great feature to look out for not just for beginners but experienced riders also.
  • The Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid bike is also designed with alloy rims and an alloy quick release seat clamp. The alloy components are very durable and will ensure that you will be using this bike for a very long time. The alloy rims will also ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable ride irrespective of the terrain or distance. So if you’re searching for a dependable bike for recreation or sports, this would make a great choice.
  • Unlike some hybrid bikes, this product is beautifully designed and is available for both men and women (black and white colors respectively). It is well built with a very comfortable and upright riding position which makes it ideal for commuting. All of these amazing features fit into a 200 dollars budget which makes a great deal.

Most Remarkable Feature of the Northwoods Springdale Men’s

Besides the durable handcrafted aluminum frame that is common in most bikes today, the Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid bike features 700c tires which will ensure that you have a very smooth ride. Both features combine to give a very durable and high-performance bike.

This bike also comes with a rear rack which will make your rides to the park or commuting a bit more interesting, since you can comfortably carry some essential items in the rack.


Minor Issues

This bike is not ideal for riding on ice, snow or slippery terrain. Also, there’s a little uncertainty about the efficiency of the pedals and this may be due to poor quality control.

The pedals housing also seems to be made from a kind of soft metal, this may cause the pedals to fall off especially when not in use. Besides this, it is a great product, especially for its price.


  • Very affordable bike
  • It is very easy to assemble (comes with detailed instructions manual)
  • Very durable and lightweight construction
  • Very comfortable to ride with (ideal for beginner riders)
  • Includes a rear racket and fenders
  • Up to 21 speeds for various terrains
  • Large wheels for smooth rides


  • Poor quality control
  • The pedals housing is made of soft metal

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2. Northwoods Springdale – The Best Hybrid Bike For Female Riders

Any cyclist knows about the Northwoods. It is one of the top brands of bikes and bike-related accessories as well.

Since their inception, they have been producing high-end hybrid bikes.

However, the Northwoods Springdale is definitely their prized opus. This sports hybrid bike is designed to traverse challenging terrains without suffering too much from the elements.

If you are a freak for cycling, you will definitely love the features of Northwood Springdale!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The Northwoods Springdale is basically available for both men and women. However, this one is specifically dedicated to urban women. This women’s hybrid bike compliments the body of female riders, through its petite exteriors. Despite that, you can still be confident that it has a rugged construction.
  • The Northwoods Springdale is highly versatile. It is among those few hybrid bikes that can be the best of both worlds. It can perform on harsh terrains and at the same, become a mode of leisure transport!
  • This bicycle includes twenty-one gearing options so that you can be able to ride different grounds. You will also be impressed that its rear derailleur has a Shimano technology reinforcement. This makes the component reliable at all times! These features make the Northwoods Springdale one of the top hybrid bikes on the market today!
  • This hybrid bike comes with alloyed rims. This lets you get the most out of your biking experience. It also has a set of linear brakes (or V-brakes), which is supposed to be common on extreme sports bikes only. With this component on hand, you can easily break with confidence. Regardless of the weather, you can safely ride this bike!

Most Remarkable Feature of Northwoods Springdale

The reason why the Northwoods Springdale is one of the best ladies hybrid bikes is because of its ergonomic construction. The handlebars and seat of this bike have been designed to support the proper posture of women. Therefore, they won’t experience post stress after riding.

It has also got 700c wheels that can tackle any type of road. You can guarantee that your ride is smooth every step of the way!

Minor Issues

Unfortunately, the Northwoods Springdale is not suitable for riders that are 5’4″ and below. This bike only caters average and tall individuals. You will find it uncomfortable to ride on this bike if you have a height that is within the minimum range.


  • Can easily tackle rough terrains
  • Ergonomic constructions support the posture of women
  • Beautiful and appealing design (perfect for the choosy riders)
  • Easy to assemble parts
  • Economical choice; it won’t hurt your budget at all
  • Sturdy and rugged construction (ideal long-term investment)


  • Allen wrenches are not included in the toolkit
  • Does not support all bikers’ height

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3. Schwinn Discover – Best Bike For Male Riders

A serious cyclist would never ignore the quality of the bikes of Schwinn. After all, professional cyclists such as Dan Martin has already tried the performance of Schwinn Bikes. Among the Schwinn hybrid bikes under 500, it is the Discover that caught the attention of many.

This multi-purpose bike can give you a ride without giving too much preparation. You will also love its classic look, which makes it fit on the urban roads. However, these are the only features that this hybrid bike can flaunt!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Yes, it is true that the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike has a simple and classic appearance. But it should not fool you. This bike is incredibly powerful. It has a sturdy aluminum frame that can tackle any city riding. It may not be steel, but still, this construction is enough to do any urban rides. This feature makes the Schwinn Discover one of the best city hybrid bikes today!
  • This hybrid bike also uses an SR Suntour suspension fork. This feature allows convenient navigation, regardless of the terrain. You can expect that this component is efficient in absorbing impacts. It also takes the stress away from the frame.
  • Meanwhile, this Schwinn hybrid bike uses a grip-style shifter on its riser handlebar. These shifters are attached to a Shimano gear set, which allows the bike to have access to 21-speed options. The gear shift also enables comfortable control without even removing your hands on the safety.
  • This hybrid bike also comes with a Promax alloy linear pull brakes. This is a state-of-the-art braking system that enables you to stop the momentum of the bike for an urgent situation fully. You can also use this feature in maneuvering curbs. We can guarantee that this bike won’t let you down!

Most Remarkable Feature of Schwinn Discover

You will love the functionality of Schwinn Discover over other hybrid bikes. This is due to its fenders and rear wheel rack. You can find them useful especially if you are hauling boxes or traversing on the wet road. This bike gives you the stability and rigidity men need to a hybrid bike.

Minor Issues

The assembly time of the Schwinn Discover might consume your patience. The instruction manual is too general. It does not give a specific guide or instructions on how to connect the vital parts of the bike.

If you are still an amateur cyclist, assembling this bike is truly challenging.


  • Superb braking system for safe rides and curb maneuvers
  • Sturdy construction; ideal for heavy riders like men
  • The casual and straightforward look makes it perfect for city rides
  • Can handle a variety of terrains with ease


  • The fenders of this hybrid are made from plastic

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4. Takara Sugiyama – Best Hybrid Bike For The Money

Cyclists may need to try many hybrid bikes before they can find the right one for them. Of course, this means that you have to invest in them.

If you want an entry-grade hybrid bike that has the same quality as Fuji Hybrid Bikes, then you should go with the Takara Sugiyama.

This hybrid bike is worth the shot, especially because of the features that it has. Specifically, this unit is a fixed-gear bike. Despite its quality, it remains to be generous in the pocket.

It has a sturdy construction, too, which won’t give you any trouble while you are on the road. If you are an enthusiastic rural or urban rider, choosing this bike will gratify your needs!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The strength of the Takara Sugiyama makes it one of the best hybrid bikes on the market today because of its sturdiness. In fact, we are not exaggerating when we say that this product is incredibly durable. It has hand-crafted steel that can endure heavy loads. The frame also possesses horizontal dropouts to improve the safety of your rides.
  • Meanwhile, the tires of this hybrid bike are 700 x 32. Therefore, you can expect stability while you are maneuvering the curves of the urban roads. Specifically, the tires are built for rough terrains so expect its utmost performance when you are riding in harsh conditions.
  • The Takara Sugiyama has an easy-to-assemble feature. Once the package arrives at your door, you can quickly set this one up! It would only take thirty minutes for you to assemble this good hybrid bike fully. It also comes with a pre-packaged tool which can help in the assembly of this bike. The straightforward design of this hybrid bike effectively lessens the setup time for this bike!
  • The maintenance of this bike will not give you a headache. The Takara Sugiyama has few pieces of its composition. Therefore, you will not worry anymore about dealing with too many components!
  • Moreover, this hybrid offers a spectrum of colors that you can choose from. Of course, you will need the style once you are riding on the urban streets. The variety of color schemes adds to the appeal and cleanliness of this bike!

Most Remarkable Feature Takara Sugiyama

More than being affordable, the Takara Sugiyama gives maximum comfort to its riders. It has a flat bar that allows its user to ride in an upright position. As you all know, leaning forward is somehow stressful, especially during extended runs.

This feature is complemented by a set of comfortable grips. Also, it has got a front/ rear side pull brakes that are made of pure alloy. In this sense, you are riding a very ergonomic bike.

Minor Issues

Takara Sugiyama should be a perfect entry-bike. However, it has one downside. You should know that its frame is absurdly heavy. It is not ideal for quick runs because it would require you to exert maximum effort for maneuverability.


  • Fixed gear design (for casual riders and commuters)
  • The tires are wide, which is ideal for tackling the urban streets
  • Reliable brakes for safer rides
  • Sturdy construction that can cater to heavy riders
  • Easy to assemble and comfortable to use
  • Best affordable hybrid bike


  • Extremely heavy frame

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5. Vilano Shadow – Best Bike For Extreme Riders

There are some moments in which the urban roads do not satisfy us anymore. Sometimes, we want to take our fast hybrid bike on the rough terrains to test our grits and endurance.

Of course, you can’t just use ordinary bikes in this type of endeavor. You will need the likes of Vilano Shadow to conquer any tough terrain with confidence!

This smoking hot hybrid bike has impressive features. It can match up with Bianchi hybrid bikes when it comes to performance on rough trails.

It also has a stylish design that gives it a fierce look! Even with its quality components, the price of this bike is still budget-friendly!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The wheelset of the Vilano Shadow is truly superb. Specifically, it uses a 700c double-walled CNC alloy. It is a machined wheel that can tackle any tough and challenging trail. It has excellent durability and sturdiness that prevents any breakdown while riding.
  • The wheels of the Vilano Shadow are also highly stable. They do not wiggle or shake, especially on wet and slippery terrains. You can expect their reliability when dealing with curves. As long as you are on this bike, you won’t get out-balanced!
  • The Shadow is just like the Vilano Performance Hybrid bikes when it comes to the braking system. Notably, they use the Shimano STI Integrated brake levers. These levers or shifters will guarantee you of precise shifting and braking while you are on the road. You will need quality brakes while you are dealing with harsh terrains. After all, they won’t be in your favor.
  • You can consider the Shadow as a road mountain hybrid bike because of its quality frame. The frame is made from a lightweight 6061 aluminum, which is extremely durable as well. This can support the weight of your body for pleasurable and worry-free cycling!
  • The Shadow has an integrated dual pivot alloy caliper fork. This component effectively absorbs the vibrations and shock coming from bumps. Because of this feature, we consider this product is one of the good hybrid bikes for women. After all, women love comfort even dealing with harsh terrains!

Most Remarkable Feature of Vilano Shadow

We really respect the Shadow hybrid bike when it comes to speed. This bike possesses a variety of Shimano components such as the rear and front derailleur. These components were combined with the alloy crankset of the bike, which has unlocked its 14-speed setting! With this, you can ride as fast as you want!

Minor Issues

We like the Vilano Shadow overall. However, it has one major flaw that we could not overlook. Its gear shifters are difficult to operate, especially if you have small hands. As much as possible, we want a bike that could accommodate a variety of cyclists. This shortcoming is proof that there is no such thing as a perfect hybrid bike.


  • Lightweight construction that does not give stress to any cyclist
  • Durable and stable design which is ideal for tough terrains
  • Quality components
  • Straightforward and simple assembly process for quick rides
  • Can accelerate fast for those who have a need for speed


  • Shifters are not ideal for cyclists with small hands

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6. Schwinn Men’s Network – Best Bike For Fitness Enthusiasts

If you are looking for one of the best fitness hybrid bikes, then you should go with the Schwinn Network. We all know that Schwinn is among the good hybrid bike brands in the market today.

However, it is their Network series that caught our attention. Its features are essential for those who utilize cycling as a form of workout.

In fact, this unit outclasses the Cannondale hybrid bike when it comes to overall performance on the field. Once you use this men’s hybrid bike under 300, you can expect that your fitness course will double!


Design, Performance, and Features

  • One of the reasons why the Schwinn Network is an excellent fitness bike is because of its sturdy suspension fork. Any cyclist won’t be afraid to push this hybrid bike to the limit because of its robust suspension fork made of alloy. Specifically, the said component can efficiently absorb shock, which diminishes the strain in the entire bike.
  • Moreover, the frame of this bike is made from lightweight aluminum. We consider this unit as one of the lightest hybrid bikes on the market today because of this construction. The frame does not bend or corrode, too. These features make this bike ideal on extensive runs on challenging terrains.
  • Of course, the Schwinn Network won’t be a good fitness bike it doesn’t have the 21-speed selector of Shimano. This innovation is complemented by the shifter of EZ Fire and rear derailleur from Shimano. With these three working, you can have a quick gear shifting while you are on the road!
  • Meanwhile, the rims and wheels of the bike are constructed from lightweight but rugged aluminum alloy. The fork mounts the front wheel while using a quick-release technology. With this, you can change tires as quickly as possible. This bike also uses a linear-pull braking system for a foolproof, quick stop.
  • The Schwinn Network is also one of the best comfort hybrid bikes out there. It has a wide saddle and a cushioned pad. Sitting on the pad makes you feel like you are just on your couch!

Most Remarkable Feature of Schwinn Network

The Schwinn Network is the best fitness bike because of its Swept-back handlebar. This type of construction is ergonomic in nature. It supports the correct body posture while riding a bike. Also, it can reduce hip and back aches while you are traversing long distances.

Minor Issues

You should not use this bike in icy or snowy conditions. It wheels are thin and produce less ground traction. They are prone to sliding when you cross an icy or wet path. Doing this could be deleterious to a rider.


  • Great for riders who love dirt and off-road
  • An ideal choice for tall cyclists
  • Can work as fitness or a leisure bike
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Comfortable to ride with; does not cause body aches


  • The thin set of wheels; not ideal for snowy or slippery terrains

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7. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney – Best Urban Hybrid Bike For Men And Women

The EVRYjourney of the Sixthreezero is a cruiser-type hybrid bike. You can use this hybrid bike in the urban sprawls down to the curves of the inner streets.

Specifically, this ride is an ideal mode of transportation.

You can take it anywhere you want, whether it is in the concrete jungle or the foreign trails!

The Sixthreezero has separate versions for male and female cyclists. It is among the best commuter hybrid bikes that we have ever seen so far.

You’ll definitely love its features, especially its versatility and rigidity!


Design, Performance, and Features

  • The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney enjoys its access to the 7-speed internal hub. This speed setting will give the user of this bike convenience, regardless of the terrain he/ she is taking. Although this speed capacity is lesser than the Giant hybrid bikes and Cannondale hybrid bikes, it still very efficient. After all, this bike works best on urban rides!
  • The EVRYjourney hybrid bike also uses Shimano technology on its system. Despite being designed as an urban bike, you can guarantee that the entire system can tackle tough terrains!
  • Moreover, this bike comes with an ergonomic aluminum frame. Specifically, the frame has a low-swooping design. With this feature, you can easily get on and out of the bike. In short, this bike is ideal for short cyclists! You can also expect that the frame can stand the test of elements, thanks to its weatherproofing!
  • Riding this bike is really convenient. It got a set of pedals that works in close collaboration with the frame. This low-gravity design ensures that you can keep the right posture while riding. Furthermore, this feature also increases the overall comfort of this bike!

Most Remarkable Feature of Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

The Sixthreezero is one of the good hybrid bike brands because it prioritizes comfort to its users. Specifically, it uses two-inch semi-slick tires. These tires enable the bike to tackle those curves with precision and safety. Moreover, the tires have the ability to adapt to the type of terrain they are threading!

Minor Issues

The assembly directions of this hybrid bike are pretty tricky. If you are an amateur cyclist, then you will surely encounter problems on assembling this bike.

We also noticed that its handlebars are at an awkward angle. They can bend your wrists, especially if you are not sitting correctly.


  • Price is reasonable
  • Lightweight and highly innovative design (ideal for urban rides)
  • Smooth operation even in harsh terrains
  • Grips and seat are comfortable for any riders
  • Perfect for not-so-tall cyclists


  • Assembly instructions are too unspecific
  • Handlebars are in awkward angle

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8. EVRYjourney Women’s Touring Hybrid Bicycle – The Best Ladies Hybrid Bike

Women are sensitive riders. Therefore, they need a good bike that can support their body and posture. As mentioned earlier, the EVRYjourney is a brand that produces highly-ergonomic hybrid bikes.

Specifically, we chose their Women’s Hybrid Bike for this reason. It is one of the best hybrid bikes for women that we have tried.

It has useful features that suit best for all the female riders out there!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The Touring Hybrid Bicycle won’t be included in the best women’s hybrid bikes if it is uncomfortable. It has a specially engineered seat that effectively absorbs shocks from bumps! Moreover, the saddle of this bike is extra-wide so that it can cradle you for a comfortable and soft ride.
  • Meanwhile, the handlebars of this hybrid bike have an ergonomic design. Specifically, it combines the hybrid and cruiser-type design of handlebars. With this innovation, users can maintain the relaxation of their shoulders while they are riding.
  • On the other hand, this ride has a pair of wide and soft tires. Rolling them on the urban streets will certainly create a pleasurable experience. The semi-slick tires of this bike enable it to tackle a variety of terrain. Such of these are some packed trails and paved paths. The Touring Hybrid Bicycle is not just one of the best ladies hybrid bikes out there. It is also among the most versatile bicycles!
  • This hybrid bike also uses a forward pedaling technology. With this, the bike can keep your back straight and upright while maintaining proper leg posture. Moreover, this feature allows the rider to keep her feet flat on the ground once she stops pedaling!

Most Remarkable Feature of EVRYjourney Women’s Touring Hybrid Bicycle

The Touring Hybrid Bicycle possesses the patented Smooth Cruise Configuration. With this technology, a female rider can pedal faster and easier. It lets you produce the sufficient torque so that you can be able to traverse steep hills quickly! Because of this feature, this hybrid bike becomes close at par with Schwinn women’s hybrid bike!

Minor Issues

The only problem we found on this bike is that it’s not ideal for tall cyclists. Its low-swooping design really suits best short riders. However, female cyclists that have an average height can fit in on this bike comfortably!


  • Highly ergonomic design that provides comfort for female riders
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction that can stand the test of time
  • Have a Smooth Cruise Technology so that you can pedal fast on steep trails
  • Have the ability to maintain the proper posture of the body


  • Assembly instructions are too unspecific
  • Not ideal for tall cyclists

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9. Schwinn GTX 2.0 – Best Sports Hybrid Bike For Athletes

If you are looking for one of the top-rated hybrid bikes out there, then you should go with the Schwinn GTX 2.0. This hybrid bike has features that enable it to perform on any terrains. It can deal with harsh weather conditions with ease. Moreover, it can shift through sharp curves because of its extreme control and precision.

In fact, we consider the Schwinn GTX 2.0 to be much better even against the Specialized Sirrus Sports Hybrid Bike. It has excellent qualities that make it the best sports hybrid bike on the market today. Also, it has a reasonable price, which makes it the best budget hybrid bike.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The Schwinn GTX 2.0 has a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. This frame has an ergonomic design that allows it to hold all of the bike parts into position. The handlebars are being linked horizontally to the saddle by the frame. This type of design improves the overall strength of this hybrid bike.
  • There is a steel rear on the frame. This component holds the suspension forks and rear wheel together. With this, the weight capacity of the bike increases.
  • The Schwinn GTX 2.0 are among the few hybrid bikes that have access to the 24-speed gear shifters. Specifically designed by Shimano, these shifters fully boost the speed capacity of the bike. If you are a speed freak, then this feature is useful to you!
  • Moreover, the gear shifters of Schwinn GTX 2.0 has a quick shifting mechanism. Therefore, you can easily change speed, depending on the terrain that you are dealing with.
  • Another advantage of the Schwinn GTX 2.0 to other sports hybrid bike is its braking system. It has an excellent stopping power, which is essential when you are dealing with curves and slippery roads. This bike has integrated mechanical disk brakes on the front wheel. When it comes to brakes, the disc type is much better than the linear pull design because it is easy to operate.

Most Remarkable Feature of Schwinn GTX 2.0

The most intense feature of this hybrid bike is its dual suspension. Both of its front and rear wheels have steel suspension forks. These components are great in absorbing shocks, which improves the overall comfort of the bike. With this feature, this bike can easily traverse bumpy and rocky terrains.

Minor Issues

Despite its cool features, the Schwinn GTX 2.0 has a certain drawback. Specifically, its default wheels are just 26 inches. This dimension is okay for beginners. However, it cannot work with experienced or tall cyclists. Such design lowers the traction capacity of the bike.


  • Includes dual suspension forks for efficient shock absorption
  • Lightweight and sturdy design, which ideal for extreme riders
  • The braking system is truly superb
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design, which gives total convenience to its users


  • Not a good choice for tall riders

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10. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike (54 centimeter Frame)

The Giordano RS700 hybrid bike is the ideal choice when your usual route is through rough rural roads.

It has an excellent construction that lets you tackle these paths without bearing too much problem.

This hybrid bike can preserve its stability even on shaky and bumpy trails. In fact, the RS700 model can keep up with the qualities of the Mongoose Hybrid Bike and Giant Hybrid Bike!

Design, Performance, and Features

  • This hybrid bike has a unique construction. Specifically, its performance is anchored on the combination of the handmade crafted aluminum frame, 700 x 35 black clincher, and Vitesse Alloy 700c 32 hole High V-Profile rims. The integration of these components enables the bike to perform in tough conditions!
  • Meanwhile, this bike has a great suspension system too. It can provide superior comfort, even if you are riding on rocky paths. It also got a low swooping design so that riders can easily get on and off to it.
  • The Giordano RS700 also has an ergonomic design. It got a sports hybrid geometry which improves your body positioning while riding. It can keep you in an upright posture while you are pedaling. Meanwhile, the integrated head tubes of this bike improve its performances even in great distances.
  • The handlebars of the RS 700 is adjustable. This feature enables this bike to cater to a variety of riders. On the other hand, its deluxe saddle has a wide surface to support the body weight of its rider fully!
  • You will also love the 21-speed gear shift of this hybrid bike. This allows you to adjust to whatever terrain you are dealing with easily. From the steepest slopes down to the jagged lowlands, the derailleur drivetrain can give you maximum versatility. Moreover, it uses the Shimano FDAO70 trigger so that you can change shift as swift as possible!

Most Remarkable Feature of Giordano RS700

Any experienced cyclists will love the quality of traction that the Giordano Complete Hybrid Bike produces. It has a reliable ground grip, which is essential for unstable surfaces. Specifically, it uses two 700×35 black clincher tires, which is as good as those utilized in the Giant Men’s hybrid bike.

Also, the tires include the Vitesse Alloy 700c 32 hole High V-Profile rims. These components improve the overall strength and durability of the wheels!

Minor Issues

Unfortunately, the Giordano RS700 doesn’t have assembly tools included in its package. This makes the construction of this bike a lot complicated compared to other standard brands like the Raleigh Hybrid Bike.

We also noticed that this hybrid bike doesn’t have a kickstand. You have to purchase it separately, which is quite a turn-off.


  • The braking system is highly reliable
  • Highly comfortable to a variety of cyclists
  • Lightweight and durable construction (ideal for rugged terrains)
  • Smooth and flawless gearshift setting
  • Tire system is for professional mountain bikers


  • Does not have a built-in kickstand
  • No manual included for tuning purposes
  • No assembly tools on the package

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Cheap Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

Do you think you really know all about a hybrid bike? As long as you haven’t read this buying guide, then your knowledge is just too shallow.

Hybrid bikes are ideal for urban rides. They are also known as city bikes because of their design. However, their design and features are far from vintage bikes.

Most of the modern hybrid bikes today are fast, highly responsive, and fun to ride! To get the right hybrid bike, you should know the key factors to consider.

Technology Of Hybrid Bikes


A bike won’t run without its wheels. Any mode of transportation relies upon their tires or wheels. For hybrid bikes, the tires are usually varied. Typically, it depends on the type of the hybrid bike itself.

Most of the cruiser bikes use the standard 26-inch tires. You can see these sets on mountain bikes. They are highly comfortable, thanks to their integrated cushions. They can effectively bounce over bumps while you are traversing on rugged terrains.

On the other hand, 29er bikes use 29-inch mountain-style tires. The modern hybrid bikes on the market today are utilizing the standard 700c tires. The reason for this is that they are light and can roll smoothly on different pavements.


The frame is the one that dictates the stability and rigidity of a hybrid bike. Therefore, it is highly essential for a hybrid bike to have quality construction. If you choose a poor frame material, your bike will end up sooner than you expect it. Here are some of the materials that you should opt for the frame:

  • Aluminum frame – Highly strong and lightweight. It can also resist corrosion and rust.
  • Carbon fiber frame – It is the lightest and strongest frame as of today. It can also fend off the elements. However, take note that this frame is highly expensive as well.


The suspension is highly crucial for any vehicles, not just for hybrid bikes. In choosing a hybrid bike, make sure that its suspension can effectively absorb shock from running into impacts and obstacles. The suspension gives you the ultimate comfort you need while riding to any terrain. Most of the brands of hybrid bikes today have their respective suspension system. Choose the one that fits your needs!


The gearing is one of the modern advances of hybrid bikes today. This innovation allows these bikes to change gears quickly.

As a result, they can easily adapt to any kind of terrains.

If you are usually traversing through flat areas, then you can opt for a bike that has few gears.

You can even get a single speed if you are just a commuter!

However, if you want to take your skills in challenging areas, then you need to get a hybrid bike that has at least 21-gear speed setting!


The brakes are highly essential components for hybrid bikes. They can give you the precision you need in dealing with sharp curves. Moreover, they can always keep you safe especially if you are traversing busy streets. Most of the hybrid bikes today are using linear pull brakes. They are the standard braking system, which is commonly found on the front or rear hubs of the wheels.

However, the best choice you have for a brake is the disc brakes. Specifically, it uses rotors and calipers in the middle of the wheels. They can give better controls on your brakes, especially on downhills and muddy terrains. If you are just a plain rider, you can just opt for the standard linear-pull brake. If you are going to test your gears, then disc brakes can serve you best!

FAQ’s About Hybrid Bikes Reviews

Question: What is the difference between hybrid bikes and ordinary bikes?

Answer: A hybrid bike can deal with both paved and off-road roads at the same time. This type of bike is also equipped with different technologies that make them comfortable and highly ergonomic.

Question: Why hybrid bikes are good for city rides?

Answer: Hybrid bikes offer the best comfort and control for the concrete jungle. They are fun to ride and much safer compared to ordinary bikes. They have a good braking system and functional speed setting for versatility.

Question: Are hybrid bikes usable for competitions?

Answer: That is a big no. You may use a hybrid bike for practice that can never match those professional-grade bikes. You have to invest in them if you really want to excel!

Question: Can a hybrid bike be upgraded?

Answer: Usually, upgrades are available for most brands of hybrid bikes. However, you should double-check your unit. Sometimes, putting a different component may deteriorate the overall function of the bike!

Advantages of Modern Technology of Hybrid Bikes

As a hobbyist, you can choose many things to enjoy your time like golfing, wood-crafting, or biking. But the hybrid bike can offer you an amusing entertainment, that’s good for health and mind as well. As mentioned earlier, hybrid bikes are the epitome of modern advancement for bicycles. They have unique and usable features that improve the comfort and safety of their users.

An experienced cyclist will determine the difference of hybrids from conventional bicycles. Usually, the braking system of hybrids is superb and highly reliable. It can give the user peace of mind that nothing will go wrong along the way!

Moreover, hybrid bikes are highly versatile. Their suspensions are excellent, especially on dealing with rough terrains. They can diminish any form of shocks from impacts and bumps. Also, the wheels of hybrids are highly reliable. They don’t go flat easily.

One of the best features of hybrid bikes is their gearing. Ordinary bikes have only access to a single speed setting. A hybrid bike has at least 21-speed gears. This makes them highly versatile and adaptable to any terrains!

Hybrid bikes are also known to promote correct posture of the body. They have an ergonomic design that enables proper body positioning while riding.

Final Words – Wrapping Up

The best hybrid bikes for the money are highly essential for cyclists. Even an average person like you can benefit from them. They can play rough terrains easily. They can also give you the speed and comfort that you want from a bicycle. Moreover, hybrid bikes are a great form of fitness, too!

Bicycle Riders Life

Once you decide to buy a hybrid bike, make sure that you choose our recommended products first. Currently, they are the best models of hybrids in the market. They have good features and components which can work well on the field! Out of the hundred bikes that we tested, these products simply stood out!

Investing in a hybrid bike is not a waste of money. Instead of using taxis and trains, why not pedal with a bike? We can guarantee that you will never regret the experience!

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