4ucycling Windproof Jacket With 3 Layers Composite Stretchy Review

If you must get serious about cycling, and you want to enjoy it, then a great water resistant and windproof cycling jacket is a vital requirement. However, you always get what you pay for as these jackets are just like bikes and wedding rings. Well, you shouldn’t expect to get a great quality jacket at a very low price. Notwithstanding, a quality jacket can keep you dry and protected for a very long time if you take care of it well. Here is introducing the 4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket.


Waterproof and windproof jackets are essential clothing for any cyclist. A good quality waterproof and windproof jacket keeps the rain out and offers protection from the wind. These jackets keep you warm without overheating and also ensure a comfortable ride no matter what the weather throws at you. Designed with high-tech materials, they are breathable and weather-proof in helping you regulate the body temperature.

A kind of cycling jacket is the hard shell which isn’t cheap but you are sure to use it for a long time and that is if it is of a quality design. Having said this, it is of a great necessity you make your own research first and ensure you get for yourself the best quality bike jacket that suits your style and meet your needs. Anyways, you might have to look too far as I bring to you the 4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket. Stylishly designed, this bike jacket can keep you warm when cycling in cold weather conditions. This article will take you through all you need to consider when you purchase this bike jacket.


Things to Consider Before Buying The Jacket

This jacket becomes a specific need if you are getting serious with cycling or if you have become an enthusiast who needs an upgrade or jacket replacement. You wouldn’t want to risk cycling unprotected in the cold or in the rain. Aside from the health hazard, it reduces your riding efficiency which could be a major setback in competitive cycling. This Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket also protects the body against scratch or a serious injury in case of a damaging fall or collision.

This bike jacket specifically designed for men cyclist who is willing to get serious about cycling or already a professional cyclist. With everything I have said so far about this product which is all proven to be true, you shouldn’t just assume that this jacket is an expensive or not budget friendly. Have it in mind that it comes affordable and can be included in your budget. Because of its design that meets the custom needs of biking, I would have my reservations in recommending this jacket to those who just need a casual jacket to complement fashion. If worn in temperate regions or places, you may experience overheating and discomfort.

What you should think about before purchasing this jacket?

  •         First thing you need to do is answer the question of “why you need a jacket?”
  •         Check if your budget can carry it
  •         Know the specifics of this jacket and see if it meant for you
  •         Find out what present users of this product are saying

Presenting The Product

As a result of the so many features, the 4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket has a lot of benefits which guarantees you a worthwhile and a lasting purchase. Its excellent heat retention abilities in assuring you enough warmth in mild winter cycling say between 5 and 15°c. This bike jacket can be worn for riding, hiking, running and so on.

This sports gear comes in 7 sizes to the point where a cyclist of about 6’2” can wear this jacket. The stretchy fabric knit of three layers makes you warm and allow for breathability when you wear this jacket. This jacket was also ergonomically designed to fit your style and deliver the required comfort for cycling and other sports.


  • Very warm and comfortable when you don’t think it could retain much heat as it appears very thin
  • It is of a great design
  • Carries a low profile slim pockets
  • Its collar can keep off the wind and moisture
  • Light for visibility


  • There is no elastic material around the wrist and so cold can easily get in
  • The zipper pocket is not impressive

Main Features & Benefits


Breathability and Warmth

This jacket is constructed with the modern and latest wind tech innovation. The internal layer of this bike jacket has a thermal lining with a fleece interior to provide warmth retention and a cozy finish. This sports-wear is also known for its heat retention abilities, and that is why it supplies enough warmth in mild winter use. So you won’t be out of place if you decide not to wear lots of clothes just before you put the jacket on even when it is very cold. On the other hand, the middle layer is windproof and assures breathability. A very good cycling jacket has three layers, and this jacket is one of them

Style and Comfort

Ergonomically, this jacket has been designed to stylishly fit you and comfortable for use. For this jacket, the fit seems to be on the slim side, unlike other brands. Its versatility allows you to partake in a variety of outdoor and indoor use no matter how cold it is out there. This includes leisure, cycling, walks, runs and morning jogs.

Easy zip

This incorporates a full zipper design which has been built for durability. The zipper is of a left-hand orientation for added safety when riding. This is done so that you still can use your right hand on the handlebar which is safer than when you use your left hand

Additional warmth

The longer backside keeps your waist warm when you bend to ride or when you are on a hike or involved in other outdoor sports. It is always comfortable when you have a jacket that is close to the waist


Question: will this jacket keep me dry after a very heavy rainfall?

Answer: no, it is capable of keeping you dry in a light downpour and for a short time

Question: is it breathable in warmer weather and does it reflect light?

Answer: it works well in warm conditions with just a little humidity. The red and black colors can reflect sunlight but not above temperatures of 27 degrees

Question: Can I wash this jacket with a machine?

Answer: yes, but I use the hand wash setting with cold water


  1. In bike Winter Men’s Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket

Just like the 4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket, it is windproof and water resistant has a thermal lining for warmth and offers breathability. But this jacket can be used as a daily wear because of its stylish design in cold conditions.

2. LongSleeve Thermal Barrier Cycling Windproof-Firewall Winter-Jacket

This jacket is also windproof and offers breathability. Why you might want to consider this bike is that it comes with three rear pockets and one zipper pocket. The smallest size of this jacket and the 4ucycling jacket cost the same anyways.

Final Verdict

What else would you be looking for in a jacket that isn’t in the 4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket? With its absolute quality, it comes affordable and can be easily included in your budget. Getting this jacket means you don’t have to be worried about riding in the cold anymore or under the rain.

For your warmth, breathability, and comfort, I would recommend this sport’s gear to a cyclist who wants to get and those actively involved in hiking and running. Well for more details, spare sometimes visit here 4ucyclling windproof jacket.

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