Why Bike Safety Gear For Kids Is The Secret Ingredient

Bike Safety Gear For Kids

Kids simply love to play. For most of them, biking is one thing they can’t do without. You just can’t take it away from them. Because kids will always be kids, they sometimes fall off their bikes or get involved in an accident while trying out a new stunt.

This is why you should get some bike safety gears for kids. Safety gears protect them from bike accidents and keep them safe.

I remember I used to ride around my neighborhood as a kid. I was daring and adventurous. I simply thought bike gears weren’t cool, and the consequences weren’t cool at all.

Most times, I would go home with bruises, get grounded, get ungrounded, and get some more injuries from unsafe biking. Kids need protection for their heads, arms (elbows), fingers, knees, and several other parts of the body.

We know that it is important to stay safe on the road. While that can work for an adult (sometimes), we can’t say the same for kids. We can’t make them adults overnight. They are wired to be carefree, fearless, and adventurous (at least most of them). Looking out for bike safety gears is simply the best solution.

bike safety gear for kids

What are Bike Safety Gears?

Bicycle Safety gears are equipment or items used to protect specific parts of the body against accident-induced injuries. There are also gears that are used on bicycles.

In recent times, safety gears have become really fashionable and stylish. They do not just offer protection but give you a sharp and stylish appearance as well.

But that is not all there is to safety gears. It goes beyond gears meant for the body to include items you can install on your bikes for enhanced protection. Safety gears for kids are not different, except in sizes of course.

Modern safety gears are built not just to protect, but to also be comfortable. They are also designed with therapeutic considerations to aid bone balance and convenience.

Categories of Bike Safety Gears

There are 2 broad categories of bicycle gears, namely;

1. Body Safety Gears

2. Bike Safety Accessories

Body Safety Gears:

Body safety gears are those body-shielding items you wear while biking.

1. Helmets

This is, perhaps, one of the most important bike safety gears worn on the body. It is crucial for your kid to have a bike helmet. A bike helmet is meant to protect the head from blows that that could be sustained during bike accidents. The best bike helmets shield the head adequately.

bicycle safety gear

In some cases of deadly accidents, the blow might damage the helmet, but the head will most likely be protected.

Whether it is an open-face or full-face helmet, a helmet is a must-have for your kid if he must ride a bicycle. Without it, you could be putting your kid’s life at risk.

If you ride a motorcycle then you need the best motorcycle helmet for your safety.

2. Gloves

Have you noticed that most times, we tried to gain balance and reduce the impact of the fall with our hands during an accident? In most cases, the palms or arms are usually the first parts of our bodies to hit the ground. Gloves are what we require to keep the palms and fingers safe.

In case your kid falls on the pavement, the gloves will protect the skin of his palms from bruises. Sometimes too, handlebars may cause compression stress on kids’ delicate palms as a result of long rides. Gloves serve as a protective shield in this regard too. The best kinds of gloves for protection are those that are padded.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses need to know when you riding on cycle. It will save your eyes from sunlight. It helps you to ride a cycle in the daytime. You can see clear everything for it. For more go here.

4. Knee Armor

If your hyperactive boy has refused to take it easy on the road, the much you can do is ensure he wears his armor. A knee/shin armor is a protective gear that protects the knee area from minor impacts, as well as reduce the effect of major accidents. In recent times, knee pads (armor) have been designed to actually protect the knee from the fracture.

bike safety gear

With a knee armor, you can prevent a major injury that would not just cause excruciating pains for your kid but might also prevent him from biking for a while. The knee armor is another major bike safety gear for kids.

5. Elbow Armor

Just like the knee armor, your hyperactive kid would also require an elbow armor to protect the elbow joints from fractures if an accident occurs.

I have mentioned earlier that the arm is the first part of the body to touch the ground in an accident most times. The elbow armor will protect your arm from bruises too.

Quality elbow armors are made with durable materials that can withstand hard impact. They are also sleek and comfortable. So you can be sure that your kid is protected and comfortable.

6. Boots

The watchword is safety. Every other thing comes next, especially when it has to do with kids. Boots will more likely provide protection for your kid’s feet than regular sneakers or shoes. You should buy boots that are above the ankles for better protection of your legs as well.

kids bike protective gear

It is also important to get boots that are comfortable for biking. It is best if the sole of the shoes are not smooth or slippery, but should have a rough surface that can properly cling to the pedals.

Bike Safety Accessories

This is the other category of bike safety gears for kids. These are accessories that you install on your kid’s bike to enhance his or her safety. They include;

1. Lights:

If for any reason, you let your kids ride their bikes at night, it is important that you install head and tail lights on their bicycles. This is not only important for clear vision at night, but it also helps approaching vehicles to recognize moving bikes. They are lights powered by batteries that you can access easily.

Although, I do not recommend that your kids bike at night, but if they must, bike lights will be necessary for their safety.

2. Toe Clips:

While some people advise against using toe clips, because a bad one might leave you stuck on the bicycle when you need to get off quickly, they can prove very useful as well.

For kids, especially, those learning to ride, clipping the toes on the pedals help to secure their feet and avoid accidents that occur from feet slipping off the pedals.

However, when you’re out shopping for a clip, it is important to get the best type. Get a clip that will provide the needed guard and yet enough room in case of emergency.

3. Reflective Materials:

This is also important for night bikers. The CPSC-mandated reflectors often alert vehicles and motorcycles of a biker’s presence when light reflects on it.

It is not an actual light but can reflect light from an oncoming vehicle to indicate presence. It is also a very good safety gear to install on your kid’s bike.

Also noteworthy is the fact that this reflector requires no sort of maintenance, and will not cost you anything for as long as you own it. Maybe not the best kind of safety gear, since it only works when the light is reflected on it, but it is not something you should do without.

kids protective gear

Several other safety gears can be found in stores as well including flags, mouth guards, or even a bike horn, however, these ones I have discussed will provide your kids with the maximum protection they deserve.

Why Your Kids need Bike Safety Gears

Maybe you have kids that are like me when I was a kid. They probably think it’s not cool to have safety gears on. If you make them see reasons why they should have them on, but they just would not, this is the one time you might need to be an authoritative parent. Safety gears are important for so many reasons. They include;

1. Safety:

The most obvious reason for using safety gears is safety. Your kids need to be protected from harm. Safety gears may not always help when the accident is life-threatening, but they definitely help to minimize the risk and maximize the biker’s chance at safety.

There have been situations where the helmet was the lifesaver. I have also seen situations where the helmet was actually destroyed but the head was intact. You may not understand their importance any until you have seen the benefits and how much protection they can afford a kid.

2. It is Legal:

In the United States, for instance, only three states, including Illinois and New Hampshire, do not have legislation’s backing the compulsory use of helmets and other safety gears by bikers.

Although your kid is a minor, that is no excuse for breaking the law. They should learn to be law-abiding even as kids, and it is your responsibility to teach them such values.

Also, you do not want a situation where your kid has several records before he even turns 18. It won’t cost so much to just buy those gears.

3. It Boosts Confidence:

Having the right bike safety gears also boosts your confidence. You’re able to go on more thrilling adventures if you’re properly geared for them. Kids are also naturally adventurous. Knowing that they’re fully geared gives you peace of mind even when they ride off to distant locations.

This confidence also helps them to try out new things and consequently become better bikers. The better they become, the less likely kids are to get involved in accidents.

Final Thought About Bicycle Protective Gear

Now that you know why your kids should have bike safety gears and the different types available, it is important that you get the best brands that will ensure their safety. That your kids fall off their bikes doesn’t mean you should ground them or put their bikes away in the basement. There are better ways to handle such situations. Get them bike safety gears for kids.

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