Craft Siberian Glove Review | Why People Choose It?

To be able to participate in enduring sports like skiing, boxing, riding, and weight lifting, you need to engage the services of a reputable firm like this Craft. It is a Swedish sports maker which specializes in the manufacture of clothing for tough sporting events. Its clothing is long-lasting and reliable indeed.

You hence have this brand of clothing for your consideration if you are planning to engage in difficult sporting activities. Also noteworthy is the fact that it has a robust customer care regime which acts as a backup in times of use.

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Outstanding Features and Benefits



Standing out amongst the list of its most desirable features is the fleece-lining. This one is mainly put in place to let you enjoy some optimal warmth. Fleece is a highly absorbent material which is pretty effective at trapping and retaining heat within its fiber contents.

At the same time, it is also strong enough to absorb sharp impacts with relative ease. This feature is way suited for those activities that experience strong impacts like boxing and press-ups. It absorbs and neutralizes all the pain which might otherwise be felt by your body. Your safety is hence well taken care of.

Velcro Adjuster

To facilitate the insertion and disengagement of your hands into and out of the pair of gloves, it comes along with the Velcro adjuster. Now, Velcro is a material that is well-known to be strong and reliable. It hence assures you numerous operational cycles due to its resilience to the common elements of wear and tear.

Given this sheer strength and awesome reliability, this adjuster is truly reliable. It hardly breaks apart as its cheaper alternatives do. This goes a long way to bring down your operational and maintenance costs. You will hardly have to stitch and repair it with time as is generally the norm.

Softshell Fabric

Its core structure and material is in the form of the softshell fabric. This fabric is soft and resistant to water. It is located right inside the palm of the pair of gloves. This strategic location places it in such a place as to allow it to provide you unparalleled comfort and support to your arms.

Thanks to this feature, your hands will remain steady and reliable at all times even when there is profuse sweating. While tackling difficult terrains like hills, steep slopes, or rough roads, this feature will really help you to stay composed.

Touchscreen Compatible

You will also be able to operate your touchscreen devices with ease as you put on this pair of gloves. This is due to the fact that it is touchscreen-compatible. It is thinner and more agile in nature. As such, it allows your hands to impact the screens by reason of not possessing too thick a fabric lining.


Moreover, the fabric maintains the safety of your devices because it does not predispose it to the risks of cracking, dents, or chipping. You hence will keep off all the various dangers and associated high operational expenses of these gadgets.

Excellent Material-mix

In its entirety, the pair of gloves comprises 94% Polyester, and 6% Spandex fabric. This is a great mix as it brings about the dual benefits of these two materials at a time. Polyester is highly breathable and warm. Spandex, on the other hand, is stretchy. It hence allows for easy stretching and retracting of the pair of gloves.

By virtue of possessing these two materials at a time, the pair of gloves are warm, comfortable, breathable, durable, and stretchy, all at the same time! You have no reason to look elsewhere at all! This fabric-mix ensures that you obtain all the benefits that the ideal glove may exude at any given time.

Reputable Brand

As has already been explained above, this Craft is a reputable brand indeed. The benefit of such a company and its attire are numerable. You stand to derive a sense of prestige, limited wear and tear, reduced operational expenses, and a robust customer care regime.

Since this brand has assisted numerous sportsmen in the past, your use of its attire, therefore, puts you in a list of the many satisfied past clients. Why would you even think twice or drag your feet? Haven’t you noted that it has all the topnotch features which any sporting enthusiast would naturally look up to!



  • Provides some excellent and reliable grips
  • Produces some maximum warmth to your hands
  • Offers high visibility to other road users in the dark
  • Resists the percolation of wind and other weather elements
  • Less likely to inflict bruises and lacerations


  • Inflexible and hence less agile
  • Expensive to acquire
  • Takes a toll during the cleanliness exercise

Final Words About Craft Siberian Glove Review

Finally, I would like to suggest that to buy the same one like-Craft Sportswear Unisex Siberian Split Finger Wind & Waterproof Bike that can fulfill your requirements. This is a combination of 94% Polyester & 6% Spandex. Moreover, you get  30 days Manufacturer Warranty.  The product dimension of this gloves is 10.3 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches along with 5.6 ounces shipping weights. 

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