giordano libero road bike review

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c Review In 2020

Do you commute regularly to and from work? If you do, you may have noted that the ordinary bikes you use wear out quite too soon. I too was in a similar situation like you some time back. After trying out many ordinary bikes without success, I was informed of this Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike.

After achieving great success, I have seen it wise to draft this Giordano libero road bike review. My motivation stems from the need to aid persons of your kinds better their commutes.

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Presenting The Giordano Libero Men’s Road Bike-700c

On the while, this is simply a road bike. It is a vehicle which is designed to let you commute out and about a designated city or locale with relative ease. The bike is strong enough to endure repeated use and deliver great performances at the same time.

Even though any rider might find it useful, this bike is mostly great for those who commute back and forth work on a regular basis. The bike features the latest advancements in the field of bike design and technology. Only the best materials have been used to make up the road bike. This leads to longevity and durability. They are subsequently safer for use by whole families.


  • Better than its previous versions courtesy of upgraded parts
  • Exudes some stunningly beautiful appearance
  • Handcrafted and lighter in weight than most other road bikes
  • Contains reflectors and kick starts for added navigability
  • Great for climbing and tackling difficult terrains


  • Has a limited luggage capacity
  • May not offer much help beyond commuting
  • Needs frequent servicing to maintain in the best shape and form

Attractive Features and Benefits


6061 Aluminum Frame

Its frame forms the skeleton on which the other parts are attached. The frame is made of Aluminum material. As we all know, this material is light enough to be able to allow for some smooth handling. Moreover, the frame is accompanied by a replaceable derailleur hanger. This guarantees you some smooth rides.

High Tensile Steel Fork

The fork of this bike comes in the form of high tensile steel material. This structure is pretty reliable as it means the fork rarely breaks apart even when exposed to some strenuous impacts. With this kind of structure, you may be sure to confront hills and other demanding terrains with relative ease.

Steel Threadless 1 1/8-Inch Headset

It is on this headset that is attached to the handlebar and the fork of the bike. The headset of this bike is similarly made of steel. At the same time, it is threadless; meaning that it uses bearings as opposed to threads to fasten the various components together. For this reason, it is very agile and highly responsive.

Alloy 42 cm c/c Handlebar

To steer the bike out and about a designated location, you will make use of a handlebar. The handlebar of this road bike is made of alloy. It hence lasts longer and is also resistant to the various elements of wear and tear. Expect it to yield you longer durations of dependable services.

Uno Alloy Threadless 1 1/8-inch 100 mm x -10 deg Stem

It is the stem that connects the headset to the handlebars. Just like the handlebar above, the headset of this particular bike is made of alloy material. Given this awesome construction, the headset is both long-lasting and responsive enough for prompt usage and applications.

Shimano ST2300 STI 16 Speed Shifters

While riding this bike, you will enjoy the privilege of determining the speed of your travels. You will do this courtesy of the 16-speed shifters. They are able to manage a whopping 16 different kinds of speed options. Moreover, they also integrate with some brake levers for expedited handling.

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Shimano Claris 8 Speed RD2400 Rear Derailleur

The derailleur is the mechanism that shifts the chains at the sprocket. This bike has one at the front and the rear respectively. The rear derailleur is the major one and manages eight different speed options. It is also tough enough to withstand the harshest of impacts and weight.

Shimano FDAO50 Front Derailleur

At its front is a minor derailleur. This also shifts the chains though restricted to its front wheels only. These two arrangements guarantee that you cruise at the highest speeds possible. Also, you get to receive some agility which is unachievable with ordinary road bikes.

Alloy Side Pull Front and Rear Brakes

Yet again, the road bike has some brakes located both at its front and rear ends. They are made of the alloy materials and are engaged by the side-pull mechanism. Being two and highly responsive, expect your bike to come to a complete halt within the shortest time possible.

Prowheel Alloy Arms 170 mm 50-34 Crank

To generate the torque, the bike relies on a crank which is manufactured using the alloy materials. It is tougher than your ordinary crank and is also less tedious to engage. The crank manages a longer distance in a single revolution. This means you get to your destination faster and sooner than you can with other kinds of bikes.

The Best Alternative To This Bike

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  • 700c Wheels
  • Aluminum Frame along with Steel Fork

Final Thought About Giordano Libero Road Bike Review

Courtesy of the traits listed and explained above, the bike is indeed great at facilitating your travels back and forth. You have it for taking if you are a regular commuter. Moreover, most of its parts are strong enough to allow for frequent and regular use. Why don’t you click here to know more about it?

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