giordano rs700 hybrid bike review

Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Review In 2019

For serious bikers, biking should be a way of life, and a serious commitment should be given to it if they must be at the top of their game. On the other hand, for those that just want a bike for relaxation and leisure, choosing the right bike is also important. If you find yourself in-between, the two categories mentioned above, or you are involved in both, have no worries because the Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike holds a special place for you. This unique blend is what most people don’t realize can be found on a single bike. As a result, our expert team makes this Giordano rs700 hybrid bike review for you.

With all the hybrid bikes out there, it can be difficult to find yourself the right one. This is because you might not know where you will find yourself in a couple of years to come. To avoid spending unnecessarily on a new bike, some smart thinking production companies have come up with the idea of designing the Hybrid bicycle.

The hybrid bike is a steady bicycle designed for not so serious events and still comes in handy for those who want to be athletic about biking. For those who also want to reduce their carbon emissions, this is a perfect getaway. All these promises are fulfilled in one single bike – the Giordano RS700 Bike was introduced. This bike is a very good option for a man as it is built with the flat handlebars that provide comfort. A blend of remarkable features makes the Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike perfect for lots of activities. This means that you are not limited to just a certain kind of environment.

Things To Consider Before Buying This Bicycle

The Giordano Bike is a multipurpose bike for leisure riding with friends or to burn some calories. However, you can get value for every single buck you spend on this bike. If you are looking for a bike that will worth your investment as a cyclist, you should consider this bike that comes with a classy design and is affordable.  The RS700 Hybrid Bike also gives you the option of riding on any condition you choose.

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For higher performance that gets the best of biking on one bike, you should get a model that is higher up in the price bracket. However, if you have just been introduced into cycling, and you don’t want something so complicated and expensive, this bike will do well for you – satisfying your riding skills. In recent times, it has a few tweaks and upgrades for better performance comfort delivery. Like I said earlier, this is a multipurpose bike that performs on numerous of the road conditions without compromising its standards.

What You Need to Think about Before Getting This Bike

  • What you need this bike for
  • What your budget is
  • If the bike is designed for the man or the woman
  • How tall are you
  • What are current users saying about the product in a trusted online store?

Presenting The Product

Just because you don’t get the best of mounting biking and city biking in this Hybrid bike doesn’t mean it is not a real road bike that delivers enough comfort in a more aggressive position. As opposed to the conventional road handlebar, the RS700 is equipped with a handlebar that is designed flat for a comfortable ride.

The solid builds of the handcrafted aluminum frame, derailleur, and 21-speed Shimano shifters are the reason why this bike is known for its reliable performance and durability. Although the RS700 is undeniably a budget conscious, it comes well equipped with aluminum 700c rims for minimal rotational weights, and this influences the bike to accelerate and climb faster.


  • It can be used in different conditions, including city riding, comfort traveling, commuting, and cross biking.
  • The bike can be flexible and offers hassle-free cycling.
  • This Bike is lightweight.
  • It has a high riding efficiency with the derailleur and Shimano shifters.
  • It can be assembled easily without the assistance of an expert.


  • Not the best for rough terrains
  • It may require a lot of maintenance, and this could cost some money.

Main Features and Benefits of This Bike

Steel Fork and Aluminum Frame

The aluminum material with which the frame is made of makes this bike lightweight and durable at the same time. This is so because the major factor that influences the weight of a bike is the frame. The Giordano RS700 best hybrid bike gets its rigidity and sturdiness from its steel fork. Combined with its durability, the RS700 Hybrid bike’s steel fork delivers an excellent ride for a considerably long period.


Shimano Shifting (21-Speed)

Equipped with derailleur and Shimano shifters, this Hybrid bike offers high-level performance to the cyclist. It is also suitable for different activities due to its 21-speed gear system. Shifting between gears is also fast and easy, and this is why it is possible to ride up any mountain at high speed.

Handlebar (Flat Bar)

This kind of handlebar offers more convenience and comfort to this Hybrid bike when compared to the traditional handlebars. This handlebar delivers more aggressive positions when riding, regardless of the geometry of the real road.

Simple FAQ’s

Question: Can this bike go to the road?

Answer: I won’t recommend this bike for off-road use if you want it to last long for you.


Question: What is the size of the tires?

Answer: The tires are 29 inches, which are also referred to as 700c.


Question: Do I have to assemble when I get this bike?

Answer: Yes, but it comes with the major parts assembled. Anyways assembling is not a difficult job.

3 Alternatives of Giordano RS700 Review

  1. Vilano Performance Shimano Hybrid Bike

Included in this bike also, is the flat bar handlebar and Shimano components. The 700c wheels have been designed to ensure a smooth ride. It has the same alloy brakes with the Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike but has been specially built for commuting.

2. Vilano Performance 700C Hybrid Commuter Bike

You don’t have to be wealthy to get a bike like this as it is available for less than 200 dollars. Unlike the RS700, the Vilano Performance Bike has an adjustable stem and compact frame that provides a custom and comfortable fit plus it has an integrated headset.

3. Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

With its sleek and attractive designs, this bike is also constructed to have 21 different speeds to shift between. This makes it usable on different road types. As against the RS700, the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike comes with an upright handlebar and a padded saddle for comfort.  They both find themselves in the same price bracket.

Final Verdict Of Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Review

It is no longer news that the Giordano Hybrid Bike RS700 has been designed for flexibility in a wide range of riding conditions. For commuting daily, getting rightly shaped, city riding, and so on, they can be a handy tool that delivers great riding experience.  You can also choose your preferred size as it comes in two sizes.

Casual beginners looking forward to taking their biking skill to a whole new level with a bike that will stay for a very long time can opt for this Hybrid bike. Well, a serious professional may not find this bike useful and they may need to look somewhere else for a solid pick. You can get this bike from Amazon if you get interested.

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