Komodo Tricycle Reviews of 2020

There are those of us that love going to picnics and carry along with our family and friends. Do they have the right bike that will take form place to place with ease? That is not even enough, you might be working and you need to commute daily with your luggage, do you find it convenient?

Anybody that moves from place to place should be able to change his/her life right away in the best manner possible. And the only way to do that is to have the komodo tricycle; it has been made to take you places that you never expected to reach in a faster and efficient manner. According to the komodo tricycle reviews, here are some things that you need to know about the tricycle.

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Komodo Cycling 24 6-speed Adult Tricycle Review

This is a bike that has been designed to offer you a low clearance step form the design that it has been made with. This kind of design can allow riders to get on and off in an easy manner. Assembling it after you have bought it is one of the easiest things that you can also do. The steel handlebar and stem will ensure you have the best control of the tricycle from the start to the finish area.

Key Features of Model #7002

The unique set of features that the bike has been made with makes it prominent among others. Here are the outstanding features

1. Low Clearance Step Design

Every person out there has been created with a unique and different type of posture and stature. That is why the tricycle was made in such a manner that users of various heights can ride on it comfortably. Designed with an ultra-low 15-3/8-inch step through that will allow you to easily get on and off in an easy manner. You don’t have to worry of any falling as you either climb or get off.

2. Designed with Front and Wheel Reflectors

Accidents on the road will never knock when they occur, therefore, safety should be of top priority. The fitting of reflectors to both the wheels will always signal other drivers or motorists of your presence on the road, hence avoid knocking you down. Reflectors are in the front and also on the spokes of the tricycle wheels where they can be seen easily.

3. Comes with a variety of colors

Color changes from one person to another are always personal. One like of color for one person might be a dislike for another. That is why we have brought you the best and exciting colors that you will love. Other than the classic Rogue color that is maroon/ white, another kind of colors that you will find include Catalina colors, that’s is light yellow/ beige Mix, falcon Pacer2 which is Green/ black, and the platoon type of color that is Army green.

4. A high and Comfortable Saddle Seat.

Another good feature that you can miss getting in this tricycle is where you are going to seat on. The saddle has been made with soft materials that will add up together to give you that comfortable ride that you love. Once you seat on it, you are sure that you won feel any discomfort at all. The width that it has been given also ensures that you have a good sitting base. It measures 12.25 L x 11.75 W in inches.

5. Best Quality Shifters And Derailleur’s

The best type of shifters and derailleurs are manufactured by the Shimano Company. There is no compromising on quality as it is the most important aspect to give to their customers. I like the fact that good quality shifters and derailleurs will give you an easy time to shift the chain of your bike smoothly. Don’t be fooled by the many bikes that you will get in the market. I know they have a good finish but low-quality shifters.

6. Fitted with a large wire basket

At the rear wheels, you will find a wire basket that has been fitted there for your use in carrying some items that you need. It is a handy item that you will need especially when you are going to out for a picnic. The tire of the bike can carry up to 240 lbs. That gives you a better chance to carry reasonable luggage. Dimensions of the basket range at 22.5L x 18.5W x 11.25H in inches.

7. Comes with a Warranty for Buyer Protection

Unlike most companies that are out there, this tricycle company has given out his customers a 1-year warranty. That shows that there are best customer care and support that you will get at any one point you will need to be assisted. If there is any problem that you will encounter, get in touch with the company and they will get you assisted.

8. Brakes

Both the front and back wheels contain separate brakes that will ensure proper stoppage when you need it most. At the right-hand side of the handle, you will get the font brake, and at the left side, the back brake. The shoes of the brakes are made of the best quality synthetic rubber that will stick with the rims.

9. Fitted with the Best Wheels

I love the strong wheels that you will get with this tricycle. They have been made with stainless steel spokes to make them able to carry you and even luggage better and for longer. They have dimensions of 24 x 1.75 x 28H in inches. Their firm grip will ensure you have a smooth experience when you are riding.


– It is sturdy and put together in an efficient manner

– Comes with an articulate user manual

– Feels smooth when you are driving it

– The 6-speed ability makes it move between 13-15mph

– Can be used by elderly people


– Price is relatively high

– Its low design makes it a bit difficult for tall people to ride on it

Final Words-Wrapping Up

I cannot miss agreeing with the fact this is one of the best bikes you can get in its class. No bike is in the market that is going to beat it down. Most of the customers that have used it have reported positively on how it has really helped them and therefore creating the best komodo tricycle reviews. Most people have used it and therefore, don’t be locked out from owning one of your own.

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