Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves Review In 2020

While riding your bikes, you should never trade your dexterity for comfort or controls. Such losses may usually wrest your control of the entire biking process and needless to say, endanger you to the risks of accidents. Only some specially designed pair of gloves of this kind will come to your rescue.

All factors considered, the pair is so designed as to maximize the dexterity of your finger which in turn grants you unbridled braking and shifting undertakings. You will find the pair particularly great if you are a racing enthusiast who badly needs some speed and controls.

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Outstanding Features and Benefits


Gel Padding

Topping the charts of its most admirable features is this awesome padding. Generally speaking, the padding creates some bridge over your median and ulnar nerves. In turn, it allows for superior riding comfort given that it does not at all interfere with the agility of your hands.

The padding also absorbs any impacts or other forces which might normally inflict some pains on your hands. For this reason, the gloves are well suited for prolonged use and applications. You are not at all predisposed to the risk of getting tired or worn out with them on your hands.

Soft Fleece

Only soft wool has been used to make up the entire fabric content of the pair of gloves. They rub your hands gently and also spare them from the risks of bruises and other forms of discomforts. If you care for your comfort and wellbeing, you have no option but to make use of this pair of gloves.

If you are intent on riding the bikes for a prolonged duration of time, this is the one to look up to. Its mix of characteristics and traits makes it the best option for such applications. They will never bore or harm you at all.

Reflective Elements

Throughout its external structure and makeup, the pair has some numerous reflective elements. What are their roles? You guessed it! They emit some light to the other road users which alert them of your existence on the road and some other intentions like wanting to make turns.

Given that they emit sharp lights, these reflective elements allow for low-light visibility. With regards to this, the chances for accidents, gridlocks, and other mishaps arising are severely suppressed. You can never hope to make safe rides without this pair of gloves on your hands. Do make plans to incorporate them in your riding regime.

Elite Softshell Material

Other than the fabric being made of soft fleece materials, they also contain the Elite Softshell add-on. Over and above providing you added comfort, the material also provides added protection against wind, water and other agents of adverse external weather elements like snow and harsh winds.

This is the pair to go for if you have some sensitive skin which is prone to injuries, bruises, and other issues which might cause you long-term harms or bleeding. You just would not wish to gamble with or jeopardize the great health and wellbeing of your hands while on the wheel, would you?


Primaloft One

Riding the bikes in moments of extreme weather conditions come with it the risks of frostbites, numbness, and even hypothermia. To ward off these issues and also guarantee great experiences, you want to make use of a pair of gloves which are insulated against these external weather elements.

You yet again have this pair for your use and consideration. By virtue of possessing the 100g of Primaloft One insulation, the pair provides you the likelihood of optimal warmth but without the bulk which drags you down. You hence stand to reap the pleasure of uncompromised agility while at the same time combating the harsh colds.


Conductive Synthetic Leather

On the index finger and the thumb are the conductive synthetic leather. This feature is necessary when handling touch screens. That is because it is safe enough to handle those delicate screens which are prone to damages, shattering or breakages. At the same time, it also ensures that the prompts or commands are keyed in with utmost conveniences.

With them on your hands, it is very unlikely that you will make poor commands and instructions. This means that you will rarely make any errors while typing or feeding your device with any form of prompt or command.


Fleece-lined Interior

In its interior is the fleece lining. As well all know, fleece is soft and warm. Even when it comes to direct contact with your hands, it is unlikely to inflict any bruises or dangers like cuts and bleeding. This is not to mention that it provides you the long-term comfort you require to ride your bikes unhindered for a long time.

Most other interior linings will usually soak much of your water moisture or even predispose you to the risks of sweating. Not so with this pair. On the contrary, they provide you some safe and unhindered applicability at all times of use.


  • High-quality material construction
  • Encloses your hands firmly to prevent any exposure to external cold weather
  • Offers ideal hand protection from all the extremes of conditions
  • Ideal for the harsh winter months
  • Lets you handle touch screen devices like smartphones or music players with ease


  • Limited applications (only for cold winter months)
  • Simpler users may find it quite complicated
  • Imposes some bulk on your hands

Final Words About Pearl Izumi Gloves Review

In the final, we can say this after reading this Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves Review it is clear to you why you need to buy this glove for the winter season or for the whole year.

Moreover, you have some other choice to buy winter bicycle gloves that will give you another option.

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