Mongoose Vs Schwinn

Mongoose Vs Schwinn Hybrid Bikes-Which One Should You Buy

Pacific Cycles owner marketed these two giant bikes. So, before taking the buying decision you must read this article on Mongoose Vs Schwinn Hybrid Bikes.

At first, you’ve to decide what types of hybrid bikes or mountain bikes you want to ride. Then decide the brake system it may be disc or without disc, grip shift, and some other features.

Mongoose Vs Schwinn Hybrid Bikes


Mongoose bikes are generally well known to possess powerful front suspension fork. This is strong and reliable even in moments which might ordinarily be too hard to tackle. They are made of materials … Continue Reading

Nishiki Vs Diamondback Hybrid Bikes | The Best Bike For You

Nishiki vs Diamondback bikes which are best for you. In this article, you know about these two bikes along with the basic features, performance, and new technology that gives people smart choice.

We’re trying to reviews top-rated hybrid bicycles for you as you take the decision in an easy way.

Nishiki Vs Diamondback Hybrid Bikes

Suspension and Travel

Nishiki brand bikes possess front suspensions which absorb bumps from terrains that are uneven. These suspensions are strong and pretty resistant to the various agents of disturbances like vibrations and potholes. They hence guarantee smoother and more comfortable rides.

The Diamondback brands … Continue Reading

upright exercise bike vs spin bike

Upright Exercise Bike Vs Spin Bike | Best Weight Loss One

Fitness is a vital undertaking especially when you are involved in occupations that entail a lot of footwork and physical muscle power. These include athletics, soccer, swimming, and hiking. This is why you have to make arrangements to undertake these fitness activities every now and then. That’s why our expert reviewed team arrange this Upright Exercise Bike Vs Spin Bike for you.

If you have the means to, you definitely have to acquire and make use of the spinning and the upright bikes for your use. These two fitness equipment are great for working the feet and the lower abdomens. … Continue Reading

Why Wear A Bike & Motorcycle Helmet | It’s Importance And Benefits

Riding may be a hobby for you and you enjoy it. This may be riding on Bicycle, Motorcycle or Car. Moreover, these types of riding give you more pleasure along with reducing your time to reach the destination place. On the other hand, bike riding is good for health.

What about the Motor riding? Now we talk about it. This is not good for underaged people that are who less than 18 years. This may be varying country to country and you’ve to follow that rules.

Now we come to the topic about the importance of wearing a helmet on … Continue Reading

Bicycle Maintenance Schedule-The Most Valuable Tips

The bicycle maintenance schedule is an easy way to maintain our bikes so that it continues to perform well. Persons who are new to cycling or the sport of triathlon usually have no clue on how often they have to perform maintenance on their bicycle. They are several do it yourself tips on how to take care of your bike, but it is not easy to come across a good scheduled maintenance plan for bikes.

This also affects being auto mechanics, as they always find it difficult to complete a specific task, since they have little or no knowledge about … Continue Reading

how to lubricate a bike

How to Lubricate Your Bike- What Part Needs Oil?

Biking is a common activity for many of us. Whether it’s for commuting, sports, or leisure, you just cannot overemphasize the importance of bikes in our daily lives. However, maintaining your bike is key to ensuring that your bike functions properly for as long as you use it, and lubrication is a crucial aspect of maintenance. For you, the problem may be not knowing where to lubricate your bike.

A bike is a combination of parts, pieced together by bolts, screws, and nuts with hinges in between. These parts require oiling to promote smooth locomotion and enhanced performance. Also, lubricating … Continue Reading

how to install clipless pedals

How to Install Clipless Pedals

Installing clipless pedals on your bike is nothing close to rocket science. I have been a biking enthusiast since I was 7. For the larger part of my life since then, I have done most of my bike tune ups myself. This includes changing my bike’s pedals. For me, this is one of the easiest bicycle tasks you can do yourself.

Professional bikers agree that swapping your existing pedals for clipless pedals can greatly improve your cycling. Just in case you’re not sure what they are, clipless pedals are pedals that do not have toe clips on them.

This guide … Continue Reading

how to do a bicycle tune up

How To Do A Bicycle Tune-Up | 4 Easy Bicycle Tune-Up

Imagine going on a bicycle ride and getting stranded on the highway because you hit a rock and broke a derailleur. You get off the bike with no clue on what to do. It is one thing to go on bike trips with your repair kit; it is an entirely different thing to know how to do a bicycle tune-up.

With a little skill, you can actually handle the situation I just described. This is why I am going to show you 4 easy bicycle tune-up tasks you can do yourself.

how to do a bicycle tune up


We all tend to do a lot with … Continue Reading

bike safety gear for kids

Why Bike Safety Gear For Kids Is The Secret Ingredient

Bike Safety Gear For Kids

Kids simply love to play. For most of them, biking is one thing they can’t do without. You just can’t take it away from them. Because kids will always be kids, they sometimes fall off their bikes or get involved in an accident while trying out a new stunt.

This is why you should get some bike safety gears for kids. Safety gears protect them from bike accidents and keep them safe.

I remember I used to ride around my neighborhood as a kid. I was daring and adventurous. I simply thought bike gears weren’t … Continue Reading

how to become a better biker

How to Become a Better Biker | Top 5 Tips to Becoming A Better Biker

I am a bike enthusiast. I got my first bike at age 4, and I have not looked back since then. One good thing about biking is that there is always room for improvement. There is always a new hurdle to cross or a new stunt to try. That is the first thing you should know. No matter how good you are, you can always become better. This is why I am going to share with you the top 5 tips to becoming a better biker.

how to become a better biker

Growing up as a young boy, my neighborhood was a beehive of bikers from … Continue Reading

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