Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review In 2020

Every time I went out, it was either my bike broke down on the way, or I bumped into
something and developed an injury.  It was so frustrating that I had to resolve to walk
some blocks off before taking a bus to work.

Sincerely at this time, a good bike like the Schwinn Discover men’s bike would have
been very helpful inferring me safely to any of my destinations but I didn’t know about it
and had to consider the walking option.

Walking did not exactly serve as an exercise for me, it was more tiring than helpful, but
the time has passed now, and I only wish I had the Schwinn Discover men’s hybrid bike
to rescue me from my commuting problems.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying A Hybrid Bike?

This is one bike that you can consider easy to operate. Even though this bike is pretty
simple to operate, there are a couple of things you should consider, and they are:
·         Brakes
·         Saddles
·         Gearing

What is The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike?

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike is one fitted with an aluminum frame, a suspension
fork for absorbing shock, a nicely padded saddle with suspension seat post and a
dimension of 53.94x 7.48 x 31.89.

This bike has a wheel size of 700, 21 speed SRAM for easy changing of gear, a Promax
alloy linear pull brakes and really cool handlebar for better handling.

The Schwinn Discover men bike 700c wheels were manufactured with aluminum which
is very strong and light since it’s made for urban riding.  It has a front suspension fork for
making hole covers easier to pass through. It’s rear, has a rack where your bag can be
kept while riding.

As earlier stated, this bike is a general purpose and easy to use the bike and so is ideal
for casual riders and novices.  Take note that this bike cannot be used for specific
professional purposes as it is made for none. So do not expect the hybrid bike to give
you the result a mountain bike will give you during a mountain race.

Regardless of the above stated the Schwinn Discover Hybrid is still a superb bike that
could be used for several purposes.


·         It’s very easy to assemble
·         The hydraulics on the seat and front wheel make riding comfortable
·         It comes at a very affordable price
·         It’s made with aluminum material that’s both durable and light


·         The wheel spoke are not very strong and might need replacement
·         The inner tubes are not very durable and so pops out while it’s in use
·         The rear brakes give out sometimes

What are The Features and Benefits of The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike?


This bike has a front suspension fork that makes riding easier, unlike some bikes with
full suspension that makes bikes heavy and difficult to lift while riding.

With this front suspension, the rider can go through pavements and patches easier to


The Schwinn 700c men’s comfort bike has linear pull brakes that help you stop as
rapidly as you desire. Although this only depends on the types of riding you’re using this
for, it is equally effective for regular cycling and will not let you down.


One thing this brake has is an excellent seat. Without this, the comfort of this bike is cut
short and will not be enjoyed by new cyclists who this bike is ideal for. But this saddle is
padded in a nice way and on a suspension seat for superb comfort.


Gears are critical features of a bike as they help to determine the speed of the bike as
desired by the rider. The Schwinn Discover 700c has rear gears and it isn’t a high rate
gearing buy will help you go over some things as you’re riding.

Simple FAQ’s

Question: Is the handlebar of this bike adjustable?
Answer: Yes it is. It can be raised higher or brought closer to the bike.

Question: How do I put it together?
Answer: This bike comes pre-assembled, and if there is any difficulty there’s a manual you can
refer to.

Question: What are the pedals made of, is it plastic or metal?
Answer: The pedals are made of durable metal.

Question: How long is the warranty for this bike?
Answer: The warranty for this product is for a lifetime. As long as you’re alive, it’s going to be

Social Proof

I’ve searched the internet for different opinions and reviews about this bike, and it
appears some people are pleased. After all this, I feel it’s safe to say that this bike is
socially recognized and accepted by people who just want a casual bike for riding,
recreation or commuting.

3 Alternatives To This Bike

1. Raleigh Cadent 1 urban fitness bike

Just like the Schwinn discovers, the Raleigh Cadent urban fitness bike is manufactured
with aluminum material and keeps you more upright to help you see the road ahead
while you’re riding.  It is perfect for commuting to work, organized riding or through a
bike path. The only difference is that its saddles are not as comfortable as that of
Schwinns, and then the price is a little on the high side.

2. Ancheer Power Plus electric mountain bike with a lithium battery

Even though mountain bikes are made simply specifically for mountain or cross country
races, this is bike has a perfect quality probably better than the Schwinn Discover men’s
hybrid bike.  It’s not exactly a hybrid bike but can serve the same purpose and maybe
more as it comes with a lithium battery that is removable but can make you ride a little
longer than normal.

3. Pure Fix premium fixed gear single speed bicycle

This bike was built to make your riding, more urban, faster, and stiffer. It’s got easily
removable tektro front brakes that stop when you want them to and will let you roll over
smoothly without losing speed over time to friction.

These alternatives, although having their differences from the Schwinn Discover, are
also good and effective in their strengths and the comparison was done on the
·         Speed
·         Quality
·         Price
If you feel that the Schwinn hybrid bike is not exactly your style, feel free to go through
these alternatives stated below. If you’re looking for something different then, check the
options on the above, they might just be what you need.

Final Words

For some of you who haven’t been involved in cycling taking before, you might have
challenges in selecting a bike to start with and hence the essence of the Schwinn
Discover bike review. To help you understand that it’s not so tough and you can start
with this one before you progress. If otherwise, you just need a bike for casual outings
like getting groceries and commuting to work, then this bike will serve you too.

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