Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c Men’s Dual 18 Sport Bike Review

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t stale gossip anymore – everyone now wants to stay in shape. Bike commuting has proven to be one of the easiest ways of achieving your fitness goals -reducing fatigue and burning calories without stress you would not even know. To this effect, making the right choice of bike for commuting could sometimes get confusing. Mountain bikes are fun to ride but on the other hand, they are heavy and slow, road bikes have speed. Optimally, the SCHWINN GTX 2.0 700c men’s dual 18-inch/medium Red sport is a bike that offers great speed, comfort, fun, and durability – all in one. You will agree with me that this is a hit!!

Things To Consider Before Buying The Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c:

I’ve had to worry daily about staying in shape, not to mention the boring diet plans almost impossible to stick to. Bike commuting gives you easy results of burning calories, relieves stress and, the fun of just riding down to the grocery store, or around the neighborhood with the kids, or a hike with your friends. So if you are considering engaging in bike commuting, there are things you need to know before you make the purchase.

What You Need To Think About Before Getting This Schwinn GTX 2:

● What do the users of this bike think about it?
● If you’re a man
● What do you want, and Why do you need this bike
● And what’s your budget

Why settle for less when you can get more, being the first of its kind, the Schwinn gtx 2.0 700c dual 18 men’s sport guarantees you style, quality, fun, speed, comfort, durability and a lot more.


● Easy to assemble
● Strong tires for any kind of riding
● Gives you an all in one fun and quality experience
● Comes at an affordable price too giving you true value for your money
● Built to take on even the tiniest pebbles on the road


● You might want to pay a closer attention when assembling the bike
● If you’re 6” and above you might want to go for a larger size.

Features and Benefits Of Schwinn gtx 2.0 700c:


Alloy Wheels with Schwinn Multi-Use Tires:

The GTX 2.0 hybrid bike can be used on, on or off-road riding experience, strong enough to take on those unavoidable bumps especially when off-road.


With the Schwinn aluminum dual sports frame and the Schwinn suspension fork, I’d settle for this bike anytime any day. The speed of a road bike, durability, comfortable riding position of a cruiser, and quality and style all work together to complement. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want the GTX 2.0 is up for anything.

Front and Rear Disc Brake for Extra Stopping Power:

With a quality and advanced brake system, this Schwinn GTX 2.0 HYBRID bike gives you strong and confident stopping power; giving you the assurance of a safe and enjoyable ride anytime any day.

Schwinn Alloy Crank:

This feature provides confident and optional gearing; puts you in charge of the bike. As a result, you can turn it at will to whichever direction you want. I’d say it’s easy and swift movement goes well with the superb stopping power it has – making it all completely safe.

Shimano 21 Speed Trigger Shifters with Shimano Rear Derailleur:

This component gives a precise gear shifting advantage to the bike, flexible and easy to control. It does not take much to master the riding if you are a novice.


Q. Hi, I’m 5.8” tall, is this bike okay for me?
A. Yes this bike is perfect for you, I’m 5.9” and I don’t even have the seat adjusted to the lowest.

Q. What type of valves do the tires have, and to what psi do you feel them to?
A. The bike tubes 700c comes with Schrader valves and the psi says 65-75 but I keep mine at 70psi.

Q. Can the handle-bar be adjusted in height?
A. No, it can’t.



Looking for an ideal alternative to the best commuting bike? You should consider checking this out – the Vilano Diverse 1.0 performance hybrid bike. Like all hybrids, the Vilano diverse 1.0 is multi-purposed a 21 speed Shimano road bike 200c a lower version of the Vilano diverse 2.0 that has a 24 speed Shimano 700c at a higher price.


The Raleigh Cadent 1 urban fitness bike is another ideal option for an ideal hybrid bike. With a 19” long frame and tan 19” long, comfortable enough for fitness intended commuting, yields excellent results too. You can be sure that you’ll be getting desired value for your money.


This e-bike adopts 100% aluminum alloy frame and with the use of its lithium battery and a bright led lamp and horn to equip you for night travels, you can choose this bike to go on long time travels and also exercise.


Like I earlier said, making the right choice of bike could be very tricky and confusing. If you’ve never tried commuting before, there’s no need to be scared. The above guide should get you kick-started. Like me, you should get this as a gift for your kid, because it’s easy to control. The Schwinn gtx 2.0 red hybrid bike is an ideal option for anyone considering commuting or already commuting and wants a more thrilling riding experience.

This bike features a design that allows you complete control over your bike and improves safety. This makes it ideal for riding in urban or downtown areas with lots of hazards and traffic. So if you are the kind that is always on the road, you want to seriously consider the SCHWINN GTX 2.0 700c men’s dual 18-inch/medium Red hybrid bike. With the Schwinn gtx 2.0 red hybrid bike, you get a complete satisfaction and true value for your money.

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