Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Sport Hybrid Bike Review

The right outfit on the right person to the right occasion is style. The right bike for a rider on the right occasion is a perfect blend. Taking a bike meant for city cruise to the mountains for a ride is not a very good idea, would not want to be stuck in the woods for the night.

If you are considering commuting or already doing so, then you will find this helpful. While scouring the internet I found something interesting, a masterpiece I would say, The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7-Speed Cruiser Bike. With Full fenders, 26” wheels, 2” semi-sleek tires, a touch of modern flare, style and class and a whole lot more!

Things To Consider Before Buying The Bike

You get attracted to stuff then get interested in it and you purchase it if you want. Let us say you purchase it and take it home to discover that it was mere fancy. In addition, it did not give you satisfaction. Then regrets step in. but when you get the attraction, get interested, you buy and then satisfaction this is perfection!

One look at The EVRYjourney 7-speed cruiser, designed with a cool sense of style and modern flare, giving you that masculine aura, and true quality would get you interested, and get all eyes turning in your direction.

Its attractive design does not reduce its quality one bit. Completely affordable and of true value Ideal for around the city cruise to long-distance commutes, uphill rides and ideal for riders of any kind.

What You Need To Think About Before Getting This Bike

  •        How much are you willing to give out to purchase the product
  •        If you’re a man
  •        How ready are you


  •        Easy to ride and control
  •        Big, but super light in weight
  •        Affordable and of true quality


  •        Not ideal for hikes and mountain tours
  •        The list of items in its instruction booklet might not be accurate. You can access customer care for answers.
  •        You would need help during assembly.


Important Features And Benefits


Designed with a soft seat and a wide cruiser saddle and comfortable enough to protect you from the jostling of bumps and take you on long rides. In addition, it gives you an upright riding position and enables you to get an easy standing position, making stopping easier especially during emergencies.

The handlebars shaped to keep you relaxed all through the ride giving you a thrilling experience.



It comes with front and rear handbrakes safe enough to take you on long distance rides or commutes, speed and full control keeping you safe all through the ride. In addition, step-through aluminum frame with matching full fenders and 26” wheels giving you an enjoyable smooth ride.


This is an interesting feature because you no longer have to worry about carrying extra luggage probably after shopping at the mall. You can attach a rear basket to enable you to convey things you have purchased strap your books or backpack, water bottle when commuting, your lock and lots more all to your convenience.

Simple FAQ’s

Question: what is the height limit of the bike?

Answer: it can accommodate riders 6.5”. If you are above 6.6 I will advise, you go for a larger bike.

Question: how heavy is this bike?

Answer: its look should not get you worried; it’s lighter than it looks you would even be surprised.

Question: Can I take my laptop with me?

Answer: Of course, you can

Social proof

The review of the EVRYjourney cruiser sports bike was drawn from customer reviews on the Amazon site and other sites. So, it is trusted and verified in this sixthreezero evryjourney men’s hybrid bike review

3 Alternatives To This Bike


This hybrid has similarities with the EVRYjourney. Has a Schwinn alloy crank for swift movement. Accommodates riders of height about 6”. A multipurpose bike, with quality and advanced brake system giving you extra stopping power.


Ideal for racing, light frame weighing at about 25-28 lbs. So light yet can take up the weight of about 300ibs. stylish, easy to assemble but you might spend a few bucks in the process of its assembling before you start enjoying the ride.


With 21 speed, 6061 double-butted aluminum, 700c double-walled CNC machine sides. The aluminum bike commuter claims to be reliable and ideal for commuting and city cruising, also very affordable. And in addition, you get a $50 gift card upon approval with the rewards visa cards.

Final Thought About Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Review

If you know what you want, go get it, if you know where to find it go get it. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike is one bike I would not hesitate to get, just like winning the lottery. This is one bike that geared towards your complete style and comfort and as such is a perfect choice for any summer bike-riding plan.

This is also a bike to go for when your budget is not so much. There is no better way to go biking than with the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7-Speed Cruiser Bike. With its versatile riding position, it allows you to maintain a cruising atmosphere, even when you seem to run late.

Its pedaling design allows for proper placement of the back and when you ride, a proper leg extension is maintained. It is worth every penny spent on it. Brace yourself for an exciting ride and you can check for Women’s here.

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