Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26 inch 7 Speed Hybrid Bike Review

I once had a hard time getting my best friend a gift on her birthday. I wanted something she would love and cherish – something of true value. I wish I had discovered the EVRY journey women’s 26-inch 7- speed hybrid bike; as it would have been the perfect gift for her. This hybrid promises fun, confidence, speed, style, comfort and quality. Now you do not have to reconsider going hiking with friends, family or even commuting. You get confidence that you’re getting – true quality for the money you’re giving out. The sixthreezero 7- speed hybrid bike is one bike I am sure any lady would want. As you keep on reading this review, you will also agree with me on this.

Things To Consider Before Buying This Bicycle

I once bought stuff that I couldn’t use because everyone thought it didn’t fit and was out of style and wouldn’t serve the purpose for which it was bought. So if you’ve decided to take on commuting or simply riding just for fun, then the sixthreezero EVRY journey hybrid bike is one bike to start thinking about.

Its 7-speed internal hub widens its range of use from mere fun riding too long distance rides and uphill rides inclusive. Its 2” semi-sleek tires are a plus to give you stable role and comfortable riding. In addition, its synthetic leather comfy saddle allows for easy control of the bike, so I would not worry about wavering to the wrong side of the road if I were you. You also do not have to worry about your height because the EVRY journey hybrid bike designed for riders 4 – 6.5” has you covered. Its professionally built cruiser mechanical components make the EVRY journey up for almost anything.

Things To Think About Before Buying This Bike

  • Know what you want and how you want it
  • Are you a lady
  • What are your preferences
  • What do the customers think of this product and what are they saying

Presenting The Product

This EVRYjourney hybrid bike is quite affordable and fact doesn’t affect its quality but rather make things more interesting. The sixthreezero 7-speed touring hybrid bike gives your back an upright position. It’s so comfortable that your feet stay flat on the ground when you stop and you still get a more comfortable leg extension while riding. The EVRYjourney touring hybrid is built for anyone, and I mean even adult riders. Because of its strongly built aluminum frame material, this hybrid could a take 5 – 6 feet 4” rider.

Whichever way you want the sixthreezero touring bike is up for any riding all to your pleasure and comfort.


  • Attachment points on the frame for extra luggage.
  •  With quality features that make riding fun and classy.
  • Cool and good for street, trail and hill riding.
  • Easy to control
  • Has an adjustable handlebar to make you more comfortable.


  • Not suitable for mountain rides, you might want to consider a mountain bike
  • Meant for ladies.
  • The directions for assembling may not have everything inclusive.


Main Features and Benefits

The comfortable upright riding position

Its upright riding position makes you comfortable; so you don’t have to worry about your back hurting. With its seat and pedals close to the ground, you do not have to worry when stopping and want to place your feet on the ground.

Shimano 7 speed internal hubs with front and rear hand brakes

This feature allows for a wide range of riding from city rides to hikes, hill rides and commuting. In addition, it gives easy and precise stopping. There is no need to worry in cases of emergencies; you will get a quick response because this feature puts you in charge and keeping you safe.

Brown synthetic leather saddle and 2” semi-slick tires

You don’t have to worry about wavering; its wide tires and adjustable handle bars keep you in perfect control of the ride. Completely safe you have nothing to worry.


Cruising in The EVRYjourney 7speed women’s hybrid would get all eyes turning in your direction. Asides’ giving you a thrilling experience, the EVRYjourney is built to suit your sense of style and you can proudly show it off to your friends, family, and neighbors.


Question:  Does it come in any other color asides teal?

Answer: yes, it also comes in cream, lilac, and sea green.

Question: I am 5.7” tall, how comfortable would this bike be for me?

Answer: Designed for riders with height 6” it has adjustable seats too, so being a 5.7 it should be comfortable enough for you.

 Social Proof

The review on the sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7-speed touring bike was collated from the customer’s review on the Amazon web ( and other web pages that are trustworthy and verifiable.

 2 Alternatives to This Women’s Bike


With a laid-back frame and stylish sweep cruiser bike, this cruiser bike has a few similar features with the EVRYjourney, except that unlike the EVRYjourney the Raleigh is a cruiser bike and just fun riding. In general, it is also worth considering when looking for a great hybrid bike.


Comes with a specific light way alloy frame for comfort and has an internally geared 3-speed offer 3 gear to give you low maintenance, smooth and easy movement. The WOMEN’S CIRCA COMFORT BIKE is designed for shorter rides and round-the-city tour. Therefore, if you want to go on long-distance commuting, I’d advise you go for something else.

Final Words About Sixthreezero EVRYjourney women’s  Hybrid Bike Review

Talk about style, quality, comfort and fun – and people are always up for it. The EVRYjourney guarantees these and more. It comes at a price so affordable; that reduces its quality by nothing, with amazing qualities and features. Now you can cruise around the city in style, go commuting wherever you want, and whenever you want.  For a thrilling ride experience, I’ll recommend the sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

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