Vbiger Winter Gloves Review

Are you an outdoor enthusiast whose entire life revolves around matters outdoors? Did I hear your answer back in the affirmative? You have this last pair of gloves for your use and application. On the whole, this pair is perfectly suited for all kinds of outdoor applications whether it is cold or hot.

Some of these are running, climbing cycling, and even skiing. As you are about to note, it is comprehensive in its protective nature and structural composition. You will not have to switch back and forth from it as you might have with other kinds of gloves.

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Outstanding Features and Benefits

Diving Fabric

At its core is the diving fabric construction. It is so called as it is strong enough to support strong and harsh kinds of maneuvers like climbing, cycling, and running. The fabric is also warm enough to perform well in the extremes of temperature like excess heat or a terrible cold.

The fabric works mainly by trapping heat in cold weather and retaining it in such a manner as to allow for continued warmth at all times. It is also breathable enough to enable you to dissipate excess heat and hence cool your hands when the external temperature is too unforgiving.


High-quality Material

Only high-quality materials have been used to constitute a pair of gloves and their structural components. These materials are both water and windproof. They are very reliable for use in such extremes of weather conditions due to their ability to endure intense elements.

Also, the fabrics allow for the smooth and seamless exchange of gases into and out of the hands. In light of this fact, your hands are less likely to develop some foul stench or bruises. You hence have the pleasure of higher returns on your investment coupled with longer operational cycles.


Touch Screen Gloves

While putting on this pair of gloves, you will still be able to operate your touch screen gadgets unhindered. This stems from the existence of touch screen fabric which is shallow enough to allow for smooth operations but strong enough to allow for repeated use with ease.

You will not have to leave your favorite iPads and smartphones behind at all. On the contrary, you will still be able to take hold of them and enjoy them as you go along your travels. What’s more? They also shield these devices in such a way as to prevent their damage while in transit.

Anti-slip Design

At the core of its palm is the anti-slip design. This basically comes in the form of the skid-proof and tear-resistant silicone material. The design plays the role of conferring tight grip of your hands onto the handlebar of the bike. It also absorbs sweat to see to it that your hands do not slip and fall off even when it is too hot.

You can never hope to tackle hard and difficult terrains without this feature prominently occupying your bike. Its role in preventing the bike from fidgeting every now and then makes it quite a reliable add-on onto your bike.


Elastic Wrist Strap

To fasten the gloves firmly onto your hands, the pair of gloves comes along with an elastic wrist wrap. It tightens the gloves in such a way as to prevent them from falling off even when the conditions do permit. This grants you the peace of mind you need to ride your bikes with pleasure.

Apart from being elastic, the wrist wrap is also easy to engage. You will not really struggle to put them on or off. For this reason, you will gain maximum comfort as you go about the business of riding your bike. The last thing you might want is to inconvenience yourself while riding your bikes.


Maximum Warmth

As has already been hinted above, this pair of gloves is truly great at conferring to your hands’ maximum warmth. The reason here is that it traps heat courtesy of possessing fabrics which do not release heat with ease. It thereafter releases this heat in small bits and chunks while riding.

Because of this fact, the pair of gloves makes good companions while riding in extremely cold conditions. You will find the pair great for use in winter, rainy seasons, and snowy conditions. They are also good at warding off frostbites, hypothermia, and numbness alongside other relevant features.


Nice Fit

Generally speaking, this pair of gloves confers some nice fit to your hands. This is mainly because it is elastic in nature. It stretches and retracts well to accommodate the unique shapes and dimensions of your hands. This arrangement means that you will confront limited hassles and inconveniences as you engage your bike.

Other than this, the design, structures, and arrangement also guarantee you the agility your hand requires to carry out those complex maneuvers. Even when you devote the pair to prolonged use and applications, it is unlikely that you will feel fatigued or bored with them.



  • Good for those cold conditions
  • Grants you a fair degree of agility
  • Allows you to operate your smartphones and delicate devices with ease
  • Breathable enough to ward off smell and excess moisture buildup
  • Light enough for prolonged use and applications


  • Tears and frays easily
  • Complicated to use and maintain
  • May not work well in extremely hot environments

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