what is a hybrid bike

What Is A Hybrid Bike? | Things To Know Before Buying

A hybrid bike is the third type of bike and it is meant for general-purpose use. It can be used for different ranges of terrains. A hybrid bike is a combination of mountain bike and road bike, therefore, the characteristics of these two bikes are can be found on this bike.

However, it can be easily distinguished from mountain bikes and road bikes by a number of features. Hybrid bike has flat handlebars, just like those available with mountain bike; however, it features a rapid rolling 700c, which is exactly what you get from a road bike.

what is a hybrid bike

This bike makes for better riding, because of the flat handlebar, which is quite different from the dropped handlebar, which you get from a road bike. Because of this feature, this type of bike is popular with a commuter. Other users prefer it because of a number of factors. A hybrid bike is better than other bikes because it makes for better visibility, and it is better for traffic cycling, this is because you are able to see very well.

This bike makes for a more comfortable and faster ride. The bike already has features like 700c wheels; this makes it faster and more comfortable than mountain bikes and so on. When you use mountain bikes, you are not restricted to road riding; you can equally use it in other terrains other than the road. You can even use it on the mountain.

Even if you want to use it on the mountain, you should not expect it to be as perfect as mountain bikes, because it features narrower tires. Because of the design, you can observe that it is better for canal towpaths ride, as well as light off-roading and so on. One interesting feature of this bike is that it features a wider gear range than the other bike types. Because of this, it is easier to pedal the hill when you are using it.

Different Types Of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are available in different types, but it is always better to group all the types into two broad categories. The two broad categories include hybrid classic bikes and hybrid sports bikes.

A hybrid classic bike is no different from normal bicycles. However, you can always differentiate it with certain features. The bike is different because it can make for an upright and comfortable riding position. Because of this, many prefer to use it for urban cycling. The bike is fitted with mudguards and chain. This means that you can just relax while using your bike.

Perhaps, the most popular form of this bike is the step-through women’s bike. This type is popular among women because of its unique features, which include a rack and a basket that is attached to the bike. Because of this, women riders use if for their picnic and shopping.

The second broad category is called the Hybrid Sports Bikes. This is quite different from the previous because it appears to be more performance oriented. Because of that, the riding position is different. The riding position was designed in such a way that you experience efficiency and better performance when you use the bike.

If you are looking for hybrid sports bikes, there are different varieties of it on the market today. Some are designed with suspension fork up front and have wider tires. The others are designed with narrower tires, as well as a rigid fork. This makes for smoother and better tarmac riding.


Subclass Of Hybrid Bikes:

The two broad categories of hybrid bikes are just discussed. It does not end there, there are subclasses of these bikes, and the most popular ones among them would be discussed here.

Things To Know Before Buying A Bicycle

It is very important for all actually what things to consider before buying a hybrid bikes.


These bikes are meant for different kinds of riders. One of the most distinguishing a characteristic is the gender for which they are intended. With regards to this, the bikes are intended for male and female riders respectively. The hybrid bikes that are designed for men differ slightly in structure and functionality from those that are designed for the female riders.


Generally speaking, the best tires ought to be wide and flat. This is to guarantee unparalleled stability at all times. You do not want to trip and fall off from the bikes in the course of riding, do you? Alternatively, if you can find one that accommodates different kinds of tires, by all means, go for it.


Bike Size

You will definitely have to store the bikes when you are no longer using them. For you to be guaranteed expedited storage, you have to settle for a bike that is compact in size. Such a bike should ideally be foldable to further make it take up the least space possible.

Intended Frequency of Use

How often are you planning to ride the hybrid bike? If you plan to use it every day, you have to look for a bike that is strong, tough, and extremely durable. If on the other hand, you want one only for occasional uses, any option would do you just fine.

Exact Nature of Use

What exactly are you planning to use the bike for? Do you intend to use it for commuting, carrying cargo, general leisure, or sporting activities? The nature of use determines the kind of bike that may be relevant for your use. Try to match the intended use with the kind of bike to avoid issues and possible injuries.

Wheel Size

Other than the tires, the size of the wheels also matters to a great extent the kind of bike that may be great for you. The size of the wheels determines the stability of the bike. Larger wheel sizes are more stable on the whole than the smaller wheel sizes.

Bike Weight

Given that in most instances you will usually have to carry the bikes to remote locations, you want one that is light enough. This is to minimize the drag and fatigue you will ordinarily confront as you carry the bike to their intended locations of use. A heavier bike will often be too cumbersome and inconvenient to carry around.

Nature of the Riding Terrain

The kind of terrain you intend to ride the bike on also determines the kind that may be suited for your use. Rough terrains require extremely tough bikes which are capable of withstanding the most intense abuse. Those that are designed for winding paths ought to be highly maneuverable to guarantee smooth rides and effective controls.


It is courtesy of the gearing mechanism that you get to control the bike’s torque and by extension speed. You, therefore, have to pay some keen attention to the gears as you search for the right kind of bike. A good bike must have highly responsive gears and should also confer to you great options to select from.

Bike Suspension

Needless to say, a good hybrid bike must not only have a suspension system but also have one that is pretty great at absorbing shocks. The suspensions come in the forms of springs and shock absorbers which take in the vibrations to leave behind some smooth rides.

Comfort Features

Apart from a responsive and reliable suspension system, a good hybrid bike ought to possess as many other comfort features as can be. Its saddles ideally ought to be covered in soft cushions to accommodate the butts comfortably. Its handles also ought to have tight grip for the sake of proper handling.

Brake Type

After a ride, you will usually have to bring the bike to a complete halt. The braking mechanism is what makes this a possibility. It, therefore, follows that the best hybrid bike ought to possess a highly responsive braking mechanism. The hydraulics are by far the best brakes for the job.

Bike Frame Materials

You definitely want to enjoy maximum support and reliability as you ride your bikes. It is against this backdrop that you ought to look for one that comprises strong and sturdy frames. The Aluminum and stainless steel are two materials which are particularly great and handy for use to make the frames.


In all, it is necessary that the bike accommodates as many accessories as possible. It is only through this arrangement that the bike might perform many chores and bring about higher value for money. You should, therefore, see to it that you look for one that has slots through which the various accessories may be plugged in.


Obviously, not every brand of hybrid bikes may yield the same degree of satisfaction. Some bikes have proved to be great at discharging their roles than others. The Cannondale, Alpenchallenge, Giant Escape, Sirrus, and the B’Twin Triban are by far the most reliable brands for the time being.

Handlebar Shape

The manner in which the handlebar is shaped determines the overall comfort you will enjoy as you ride the bikes. It also determines the highest speeds attainable. If you intend to use the hybrid bike for the purpose of racing, a crow handlebar is the best as it puts you in the aerodynamic position. The flat handlebar shape, on the other hand, is advisable normal riding.

Bike Cargo Racks

As stated, the hybrid bikes may also be used to transport cargo. The shape, strength, and size of the cargo rack determine how much load you might carry at a time. It is for this reason that you want to also consider these parameters more so if you plan to utilize the hybrid bike to ferry cargo.


Fenders play a protective role in preventing the mud, dust, dirt, pebbles, and other forms. They are particularly useful when riding in muddy or extremely dusty terrains. You should also look into it especially when planning to ride in the said environments.

Weight Capacity

Definitely, you have to pay some attention to the weight capacity. This is basically the total weight that the hybrid bike can accommodate comfortably without sustaining structural damages. This capacity determines the total weight of the rider who may sit on the bike. Do so especially if you are obese or overweight.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Lastly, you must factor the costs of the hybrid bikes alongside your financial resource endowment. To do so, compare the prices of the various bikes you have in mind. Weigh those prices against the amount of money you can comfortably part with. Settle for one that falls well within your financial means and budget range.

You’re agree with me that all the above are enough Things To Know Before Buying A Bicycle.

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